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Halloween Love Doesn’t Make Money

We’ve always been pretty transparent about what it is Halloween Love is all about. While we’re absolutely for-profit, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s ever been any or that without it, we wouldn’t go on. We’ve always been a poor man’s entertainment site, a community for starving artists and weirdos, if you will. While all the […]

Ghostface In The Pasta & Other Random Madness : My Halloween Week In Pictures!

Halloween confession time – I actively avoided carrying a modern phone for years, but eventually I started to notice people pointing and laughing each time I answered my Nokia 3310 in public. I was mercilessly mocked because my phone could only receive phone calls! So six months ago I wiped the spit off my face […]

Halloween Specials – King of Queens: ‘Ticker Treat’ (2001)

The cool thing about the Halloween season is that EVERYONE suddenly embraces and celebrates the things we love all year round. Non-horror television shows have proven to be no exception to that rule over the years, often getting their horror on in the weeks leading into the greatest holiday of the year. No show did […]

SHAPES On A Canvas : Convincing A Portrait Painter To Take On Michael Myers

If you’ve been following Halloween Love over the last year or so, you may have noticed that many of my posts focus on art and the individuals who create it. Art in all of its many wonderful forms is probably my biggest passion (after watching horror movies), so it’s always felt natural to write about […]

Four Awesome Movie/TV Homages to Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

There was a time when 1982’s Halloween 3: Season of the Witch was almost universally derided by horror fans, especially the ones with a fondness for Michael Myers and his particular brand of evil. It’s of course the one Halloween sequel that Myers doesn’t appear in, and though the bold choice proved unsuccessful at first, […]

Comic Book Review – Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead

By the time writer/director Michael Dougherty’s Halloween horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat was released in 2009, it had already become something of a legend. Due to the delay in release, a graphic novel adaptation and even an action figure of the main villain were available to purchase before the movie could actually be seen, and […]

Everything’s Offensive: Is Generation Outrage Ruining Halloween?

If you’ve been paying attention to societal trends these last couple years, you’re surely noticed by now that we’re living in a world where everything is offensive, in the eyes of the outrage-obsessed public. Not a day passes by where ‘Generation Outrage’ doesn’t place a new target on the chest of someone – or something […]

Halloween 2015 Review : More Ghostbusters Goodness! Jelly Pops & Popping Candy

The UK is going Ghostbusters mad this Halloween season, and I LOVE it! Considering the 30th anniversary of this legendary movie was LAST year, it feels slightly strange to be seeing SO many new candy creations in the shops over the last few weeks, but it just proves how popular this franchise continues to be. […]