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Real Nightmares: Drinks Are on Us

Glasses of Poison

Although the surroundings are different, the nightmares that I’ve been having the past few years involve some of the same things.

It starts like a regular dream, but turns nightmarish when a glass of liquid, varying between full to 1/4 full, is randomly sitting there. Without thinking, I grab it and chug it down. As it burns my throat and works its way down, I am horrified at what I’ve done. I try to get away, to make things right, but random glasses or bottles show up and I drink them empty.

Sometimes I get in a car to drive away, but either crash (I’m fine while the car is not) or I park it and run from it, for fear of harming someone with it. It gets so frightening and intense that it wakes me up. Usually takes me a half hour to recover from it. I have to check my faculties to make sure it didn’t happen.


Being sober for 3 1/2 years now, “falling off the wagon” is a fear that can cause nightmares. Drinking dreams/nightmares is something that a lot of recovering alcoholics have, but it’s embarrassing to talk about. This post is not for pity points or glory. Those who know about it, or have gone through it: just nod after reading this, enjoy your day, and know you’re not alone.

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