The Most Awesome Images Found on Social Media: 7/21-7/25

We’ve reached the end of another week – thank god! – which means it’s time to once again take a look at the coolest, weirdest and/or most awesome images that I’ve stumbled across on social media this past week.

So let’s get right to it, shall we?!


We’re of course in the midst of the 2014 San Diego Comic Con, so naturally many of this week’s images will be exports from the event. First up is this awesome shot from yesterday’s Goosebumps panel, where many of the monsters from the upcoming film took the stage to attack Jack Black – who plays R.L. Stine in the movie. Yep, that’s Slappy on the right and the Haunted Mask on the left, and we can be pretty sure that many more of the iconic monsters from the books will be popping up in the movie. August 7th, 2015 can’t come soon enough!

Friday the 13th

In recent years, Comic Con has become the place where toy companies debut their upcoming collectibles, and NECA just unveiled this NES-inspired Jason mask, which glows-in-the-dark. No word yet on a release date, but I love the fact that they’re following up last year’s mega-successful 8-bit Jason figure with this bad boy. Credit for the image goes to Shock Till You Drop.


Speaking of NECA, they also showed off two different Ellen Ripley figures, upcoming additions to their Alien/Aliens line. What’s so exciting about these is that they’re the very first toys of Ellen Ripley to feature approved likenesses from Sigourney Weaver, making them the best-looking Ripley figures to date. You can see images of the other one – wearing a space suit – over on Figures.com.


We recently profiled the coolest of this year’s Comic Con horror exclusives here on HL, though there are many more awesome offerings where those came from. Take for example this limited edition Frankenberry statue from artist Jason Edmiston, which fuses together the cereal monster with the Universal monster. Be sure to stop by Edmiston’s table, if you’re attending!

Jason Voorhees

It was also Jason Edmiston who designed the package art for NECA’s upcoming retro-style Part 2 Jason Voorhees figure, which they’re showing off at the event. Bag-head Jason is set for release in the coming months and features real fabric clothing – true to the 70s inspiration of the line.


The company Tweeterhead follows up a recent Elvira statue release with this holiday-inspired variant, which they’re showing off at their Comic Con booth. And she comes bearing a hairy gift! The spider, you perv. I’m referring to the spider. No word yet on when holiday Elvira will be coming out, but I’m definitely looking forward to unwrapping her!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Stepping outside of Comic Con, there was a special Los Angeles screening of the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Monday night, with director Tobe Hooper and even Exorcist director William Friedkin in attendance. My friend Rob Galluzzo snapped this awesome picture of Hooper hanging out with a Leatherface cosplayer, and you can read his full recap of the event over on Icons of Fright. He relays lots of interesting tidbits Hooper revealed at the event, which you may not have known.


There’s not a more fun website on the internet than Dinosaur Dracula, which is run by my friend Matt. This week, Matt put up for grabs special mystery ‘Funpacks’ that are packed with nostalgic goodies, and available on a monthly subscription basis. One of the items included in each of this month’s Funpacks are specimen jars which each contain a piece of 80s Ghostbusters cereal, which needless to say makes them worth the purchase right there. Head over to Dinosaur Dracula to subscribe, and stay tuned for the site’s annual Halloween countdown, launching late next month.

Have a great weekend, fiends!

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