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Awesome Image of the Day: There’s Something in Those Trees…

John Morey Photography

Welcome back to your (almost) daily dose of awesome horror/monster toy photography, which this week will be featuring the work of seriously dedicated Flickr member John Morey aka ridureyu1, who has assembled a HUGE collection of incredible images featuring action figures, toys and just lots of really cool stuff!

Today my choice features TWO great things: Predators (obviously) … and translucent action figures! I LOVE them, but I’m not entirely sure why? When I was young the clear figures were often just released as promotional specials (mail-aways), and I think that sense of rarity and awesomeness has just carried through with me.

Most of my all-time favorite action figure shots were taken outside and this one joins them easily. Excellent positioning and perfect location.

John Morey Predator

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