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Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Franchises

When I mentioned to my girlfriend that I needed to think of something to write about for this week’s column, she immediately suggested Child’s Play because it was timely. My reaction to her suggestion was lukewarm. I had not seen the remake yet, so what could I say? I started to tell her my feelings

Female Ghostbusters Won’t Ruin Your Childhood. I Promise.

You’ve surely heard by now that Bridesmaids/Spy director Paul Feig is working on a big screen reboot of Ghostbusters, which in fact just began filming today. True to Feig’s style, the quartet of NYC ghost hunters will be played by female actors this time around, with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones

Insidious: The Poltergeist Remake We Deserved

The inevitable remake of 1982’s Poltergeist made its debut in theaters a couple weeks back, and both fans and critics alike were mostly underwhelmed by the modern day upgrade. It certainly wasn’t one of the worst remakes we’ve gotten, as it was overall a competently-made film, but it was ultimately rendered pointless by its insistence

Rolling Stone Ranks the Best & Worst Horror Remakes. My Thoughts.

Few things inspire more heated discussion than the topic of horror movie remakes, with the mere mention of that dreaded word striking fear into the hearts of so many fans. Though remakes are of course nothing new, they’ve gotten pretty out of hand in recent years, and it seems that no fan-favorite classic is safe

Poltergeist (1982): The Ultimate Family-Friendly Horror Film

We’re just a few days away from the theatrical release of Poltergeist, a big screen remake that we somehow managed to avoid for a whole lot longer than most. Whereas Tobe Hooper directed and Steven Spielberg produced the original, this time around Gil Kenan (Monster House) directed while Sam Raimi produced, lending the film a

Holiday Horror Review: Black X-Mas (2006)

As a hardcore fan of Black Christmas, I am inherently wired to hate Black X-Mas. Why? Because it’s a fucking terrible remake of Black Christmas. But I don’t hate it. In fact, I kind of love it. In last week’s 40th anniversary retrospective of the original Black Christmas, I talked rather extensively about the connections

Was a ‘Near Dark’ Remake Partially Made Back in 2007?

Whenever anyone asks me to list off my all-time favorite vampire films, the first movie that comes to mind is always 1987’s Near Dark, directed by Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow. One of the best vampire love stories ever told, Near Dark centers on the character of Caleb Colton, whose life is flip turned upside

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Rosemary’s Baby (TV Movie)

Not bad, not good, just pointless. Rosemary’s Baby (2014), to the shock of no one I’m sure, comes no where near the atmosphere, melancholy, and greatness of the original classic. I don’t even have a default position of prejudging remakes, I enjoy plenty of remakes. I also have no complaints about this particular remake, other