Destroy All Humans! (2020) Review

15 years after playing the original demo back in 2005, I finally play the damn thing.

Destroy All Humans!

Destroy All Humans! is a game I waited a devastatingly long time to play, but I never forgot. Way back in 2005, when demos still came on discs, often packaged with other games or gaming magazines, receivable by mail, or given away at local media stores, I’d never had so much fun with just a demo.

While the first game to have ragdoll physics was in 1998, I didn’t recall playing many (or any?) games that had it before this demo. I’d also never played a game where you could psychokinetically throw objects around. It was fucking cool and it was fucking fun. After being spoiled by the sandbox that is the GTA series, this was next-level and I was in.

Unfortunately, this game came out during a particular 5-year-long rut in my life where I was essentially homeless. All my belongings were stored in my van, and luckily, through the generosity of friends, I had couches to sleep on. Point being, I didn’t have my own place, let alone my own room or TV. It’s safe to say, I wasn’t buying any new games any time soon.

Many years later, having long-since gotten my shit together, I finally get to play that game that remained on my list for so long, only now I get to play the remake in all its HD glory.

Was it worth the wait?

Yes! This game is so much fun, and quite a bit more complex in the available weapons, capabilities, and their upgradability than I expected. Also appreciated, while the game doesn’t have any difficulty settings, it offered a pretty decent challenge akin to arcade games of old.

While the most important feature here is the wildly fun gameplay, this remake is beautiful. They really gave it the current-gen treatment.

Although, I have to say, the original graphics were pretty impressive for the time, and wouldn’t have distracted from my fun if I would have gotten to play it back then.

You play as Crypto (voiced by J. Grant Albrecht), a wise-cracking, Jack-Nicholson-impersonating, little green gray dude with the attitude of a pitbull. You’re constantly screamed at (“Crypto!”) by your leader Orthopox (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz), who I could have sworn was the same person who did voice-acting for the old Twisted Metal games as well, but IMDb says no.

The music is also very delightful, with its ’30-’50s era sci-fi charm.

After they put all this effort into redesigning the game, I really hope it also leads to completely new content, either in the form of DLC or an entirely new game.

I don’t think there’s much left to say other than I highly recommend it… oh and here’s a Rammstein music video for the game, which is what originally got me excited about the return of this old game I was so excited for years ago:

Snaps of My Journey Through the Game

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