The House of the Dead: Remake Review

It's fun to gun.

House of the Dead Remake 61

The House of the Dead: Remake was a blast from the past!

It’s safe to say that it’ll never be possible to entirely recreate that magical feeling of playing arcade games at home, but at least we can play at our own pace, for “free,” and actually get to play the whole game through whereas arcade games were so brutally difficult, most people couldn’t even make it past the first level. So, as strangely nostalgic as this game is for me, I’m only now seeing the last 3/4 of it.

While it would be much funner and easier to play this game with a gun controller, it is manageable to play with a regular controller, but it takes a little getting used to and you’ll have to play around with the settings to find out what’s right for you.

There seem to be a good amount of negative reviews and complaints about the graphics, controls, framerate, etc. Like I said, the controls need some getting used to, but it felt pretty good after a bit and for the graphics, they’re by no means cutting edge, but I thought they were pretty enjoyable, nonetheless, and certainly light years ahead of the original:


The monsters are mostly generic concepts with a few movie-inspired ones. You definitely won’t miss the Freddy knock-off! Overall, it’s just a fun on-rails shooter through a haunted house and what more could you want in a game like this? They’re remaking The House of the Dead 2 as well. I’d also love it if they looked into acquiring the rights to CarnEvil now that Midway Games is defunct.

It’ll only take you about an hour to play through the entire game on Normal difficulty, and while I do recommend giving it a try, definitely wait for it to go on sale (it might be right now!). I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for it. That’s not a reflection of the quality; it’s just that it’s such a small and contained experience, that’s the appropriate price.

Snaps of My Journey Through the Game

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