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My Favorite Tales from the Crypt Episodes: ‘And All Through the House’

Earlier this year I started a series of posts about my favorite episodes of HBO’s Tales from the Crypt, which I kicked off with Season 2’s Cryptkeeper origin story, ‘Lower Berth.’ We continue the series today by shining the spotlight on a timely episode of the show, which brought a little horror to the holiday

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Haunted Houses: They’re Not Just for Halloween Anymore

There are few things I love more than the fusion of Christmas and horror, as there’s just something about the happiest time of the year crossing over to the dark side that is endlessly appealing to me. Movies have been doing it for decades now, to the point that ‘Christmas horror’ has become a bonafide


Holiday Horror Review: Christmas Evil (1980)

As a tie-in with their recent Blu-ray release, Vinegar Syndrome brought Christmas Evil to the Alamo Drafthouse’s New York location this past Friday night, allowing me to cross a big time goal off my holiday bucket list. And boy was it a treat. Directed by Lewis Jackson, Christmas Evil (originally released as You Better Watch


Holiday Horror Review: Black X-Mas (2006)

As a hardcore fan of Black Christmas, I am inherently wired to hate Black X-Mas. Why? Because it’s a fucking terrible remake of Black Christmas. But I don’t hate it. In fact, I kind of love it. In last week’s 40th anniversary retrospective of the original Black Christmas, I talked rather extensively about the connections


Halloween Love’s 40th Anniversary Black Christmas Retrospective

It’s almost always impossible to pinpoint the horror movie that started any given sub-genre, though there are films within each that have more or less had that honor bestowed upon them. Though not the first of its kind, for example, The Blair Witch Project is nevertheless seen as the ‘first’ found footage movie, due mostly


Holiday Horror Review: Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984)

By the time 1984 rolled around, Christmas was well on its way to carving out its own little niche in the horror genre, thanks to films like Black Christmas, To All a Goodnight and Christmas Evil. But it wasn’t until the ’84 holiday season that Santa Claus truly became a horror icon, when Silent Night,