VHS Visions: Treasure Hunting for Horror Promo Sleeves and Press Releases!

This past weekend saw my home town once again welcome the ONLY convention that reaches this corner of the UK – Dev-Con. It’s primarily a Sci-Fi and comic book gathering with plenty of dealers and the occasional guest who appeared in Star Wars for about ten seconds, but to a horror fan like myself there

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Five Awesome New 2014 Halloween Products from Rubie’s Costume Company!

As you can see by our always-running countdown up above, we are currently a mere 86 days away from Halloween 2014, which means it’s getting to be that time where Halloween shops start popping up in our hometowns, and normally boring stores become a whole lot more exciting. In fact, just this past weekend I


Prized Possessions: Horror Collectors Reveal All

When you have a passion for movies, TV shows, books, comics and characters like we all probably do then more often than not that passion also extends into the realm of toys and collectables. They seem to go hand in hand with most people I’ve met over the years and there really is some wonderful


Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Every day of my Kindergarten year I raced home from school, sat in front of the television and popped in Beetljeuice. I watched it again, and again and again until it was finally time for bed. I still can’t explain why I loved and still do love that movie so much but I’m fairly sure