Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!


Every day of my Kindergarten year I raced home from school, sat in front of the television and popped in Beetljeuice. I watched it again, and again and again until it was finally time for bed. I still can’t explain why I loved and still do love that movie so much but I’m fairly sure I’m not alone. The horror/80’s fandom world is currently losing its collective mind about the possibility of Beetlejuice 2: Electric Boogaloo. Maybe that’s just a working title. Maybe I just made it up.

In various reports Michael Keaton has said that he would be interested in Beetlejuice 2 so long as original director Tim Burton was on board. A few days ago Keaton revealed that he was in talks with Burton about the project. I imagine it went something like this, except…ya know…more eccentric.

Tim Burton and Michael Keaton

It’s still too early to tell what will become of all this, or if anything will, but the rumor mill is promising this time around. There’s no doubt that children of the 80’s will be flocking to the theaters to celebrate the return of the Ghost with the Most.

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