Halloween 2015 Review: More Ghostbusters Goodness! Jelly Pops & Popping Candy

Ghostbusters Candy Review

The UK is going Ghostbusters mad this Halloween season, and I LOVE it!

Considering the 30th anniversary of this legendary movie was LAST year, it feels slightly strange to be seeing SO many new candy creations in the shops over the last few weeks, but it just proves how popular this franchise continues to be. Ghostbusters is timeless, and I think I’ll still be eating candy shaped like Slimer when I’m 90 years old and talking to inanimate objects as I search for my dentures.

Last week I sampled and pondered the recently released Stay Puft Marshmallow Spread which has been generating a lot of interest around the web, mostly because it’s only available here in the UK. Today I’m going to take a quick look at two more apparently UK exclusive treats – Ghostbusters Jelly Pops AND Ghostbusters Popping Candy.

Visually the The Jelly Pops look ok. They aren’t perfect by a long way but you have to forgive that sort of thing when it comes to mass produced candy, looking weird is part of their charm, plus Slimer has always looked like a flying lump of green jelly with a face anyway!

Ghostbusters Jelly Pop Slimer - Before And After A Bite!

At the time of writing I’ve only consumed the little green dude, but I can confirm eating him was a very enjoyable experience, and it’s everything you would expect from a sugar-coated Jelly Pop. Insanely sweet, with that initial crunch before you hit the soft pleasant jelly within. I THINK it had an apple flavor but don’t quote me on that because the sugar was dominating my tongue to such an extent that it could have tasted like bacon and I wouldn’t have really noticed.

Ghostbusters Popping Candy - UK Exclusive

Next up is the Popping Candy. I must admit I HATE this stuff, always have, but this is Ghostbusters Popping Candy! I would never again be able to look at myself in the mirror if I didn’t at least eat one bag of each flavor. BE A MAN!!

I summoned some inner strength, ignored the fact it looked like the candy was glowing when I ripped open the pouches, ALSO ignored the fact it was crackling BEFORE I poured it into my mouth, thought of Peter Venkman, and went for it!

The taste was surprisingly good and not too intense, which allowed the apple and strawberry flavors to filter through, and when the pops start, they don’t stop … for a LONG time! There’s a warning on the back of each pack that states one of the ingredients might give kids temporary ADHD or turn them psychotic, but to me that’s just a sign they are munching good quality candy! You gotta have the rush!

Ghostbusters Popping Candy Warning

As you can see the packaging is awesome, inviting and eye-catching, and the Popping Candy lurking within looks positively radioactive … what more could you possibly want?

Ghostbusters Popping Candy - Inside The Bags!

At my age I’m sure as hell not the target audience for products like this but it’s impossible not to get excited when you see this kind of stuff appearing in the shops, especially at this time of year.

The UK is full of tasty ghosts right now, and I couldn’t be happier!

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