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A Werewolf in Australia — Werewolf Vlogging Series

A Werewolf in Australia (a five-part comedy series about a werewolf vlogger) exists purely because I wanted to create something fun for Halloween. The series follows a werewolf named Colin who turns to vlogging to help other wolves and to come to terms with his own transformation. Throughout the episodes, he struggles with maintaining a

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A Witchy Claymation: The Adventures of Peggy & Linda

I love animation in all of its forms, but claymation is certainly my all-time favorite. Seeing 3-dimensional Plasticine people come to life is like breathing life into your favorite childhood toys. It’s just magical. When I realized that my neighbor Brian Shaw also shared a love for claymation films, we immediately agreed to start making


Witching & Bitching: An Underrated Gem for the Halloween Season

If you are like me, you spend a good chunk of October looking for new and unique movies that will get you into the holiday spirit. A few years back I came across an intriguing, fairly new film from Spain called Witching & Bitching. The title alone drew me in, though I thought it could

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Miss Robichaux’s Academy

Reach out now if you feel you have otherworldly powers and might be a witch: cordelia@robichauxacademy.com You’re not alone.

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I’ve always been drawn to witches since I was a young child. Not an obsession, and not exactly a fetish, but I feel a warmth there, a loving nature. I’m of course not talking of “evil” witchcraft or satanism in its commonly misunderstood connotation, but “good” witches. And before you say “But, witches aren’t real.”