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A Witchy Claymation: The Adventures of Peggy & Linda

The Adventures of Peggy & Linda

I love animation in all of its forms, but claymation is certainly my all-time favorite. Seeing 3-dimensional Plasticine people come to life is like breathing life into your favorite childhood toys. It’s just magical. When I realized that my neighbor Brian Shaw also shared a love for claymation films, we immediately agreed to start making our own stop-motion claymation film.

The Adventures of Peggy & Linda took just over 2 years to make. Our film is only 3 minutes and 42 seconds long, but the art of claymating is a long and arduous process. There were obstacles every step of the way. From set design and molding clay, to lighting and camera angles, we continuously had to solve problems.

One obstacle that we came across during filming was having smoke come out of Peggy & Linda’s cauldron. We tried dry ice, and even considered adding smoke in post-production. But then we decided on a smoke machine. With it being a stop-motion film, the uneven smoke patterns certainly add a frantic feel to the cauldron scene.

Even though it was a long process, we had a blast along the way. I hope you enjoy our Halloween-themed film The Adventures of Peggy & Linda!

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