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A New 2019 Take on the Original ’78 Halloween Theme

A Young Ghostbuster

Autumn is the most magical time of the year. Leaves change, lights rearrange, and the equinox sets the stage for the haunts to come out and play.

My name is Sean E, a musician/producer/songwriter from San Francisco, CA, and the power of Fall drives my creative being. It all began in elementary school in a before-hours creative writing class. My stories naturally seeped out of me with autumnal overtones and pumpkin-laden backdrops. Writing came as a follow-up to my very young piano lessons and happened in unison with playing percussion in the school band. Music and writing have livened my spirit since that point, and always seem to intersect with the magic of Halloween.

Along this journey, I’ll never forget the first time I watched the movie Halloween. Around 15-years-old, stoned, in an otherwise empty house; it grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I wasn’t scared per se, but I was enthralled, and completely sucked into the dark and captivating world of Michael Myers. The movie seemed to speak to all of the things I already loved and was inclined to feel around that time of year and it’s been a favorite ever since.

As much as I loved that film, and dressed as Michael the next two years for Halloween, I never paid direct homage to it in my music. Sure, in 2007 I released a song called “The Changing of the Leaves,” but that band is long-gone, and I used ghostly visuals on the cover of my 2014 EP “Shadow Dancing.” But it wasn’t until this October that I attempted to actually dip my hand into Carpenter’s universe.

My remix/cover of John’s original 1978 theme is my ode to the season and one of the most perfectly-crafted simple pieces of music I’ve ever heard. It’s streaming on all major services now, but can be found for free on SoundCloud. I want to share this with people who love the season as much as I do and can hopefully bring some new life to the melodies we all know and love.

My original music is no stranger to the spooky aesthetic, so I’ll leave you with a video I released for a single off my my full-length album earlier this year.

If you like what you see and hear, all of my music can be found on nearly all of the streaming platforms and in physical form on my website.

Thank you for listening, and Happy Halloween!

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