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I’ve always been drawn to witches since I was a young child. Not an obsession, and not exactly a fetish, but I feel a warmth there, a loving nature.

I’m of course not talking of “evil” witchcraft or satanism in its commonly misunderstood connotation, but “good” witches. And before you say “But, witches aren’t real.” that’s really no different than saying “Christians aren’t real.”

I mean to neither vouch for, deny, promote, or demote any religion nor share my own personal feelings on any religion at all by making that statement, I’m simply pointing out that Wicca is a real, established religion and not something just out of the movies.

Common Wicca morality (the Wiccan Rede) is fairly straightforward and quite contrary to what one might have thought, “Do what you will, so long as it harms none.” In other words, you’re responsible for yourself and your own life and well-being, to live in a way that makes you happy, so long as that doesn’t cross the boundary into harming others and their own lives.


I’m certainly no expert. My admiration comes more from the commercial representation of the witch. The tall pointed hat, the broomstick, the black cat, the seductress.

It’s hard to describe, but my love of Halloween and women should suffice. Perhaps it’s a deviation from the typical dumb blonde beach babe stereotype, an attraction more toward intelligence and danger, the cleverness and cunning of a witch to lure and kill men.

So often in media and magazines, women are objectified and depicted as dumb and petty, concerned only of gossip and other shallow activities. I love, absolutely love American Horror Story, who’s always had very strong female characters, but especially with season 3, Coven. The strength and viciousness of some of the characters, especially Madame Delphine LaLaurie (played by the amazing Kathy Bates), is so spectacularly vicious it brought a tear to my eye. Acts more vicious than anything you’ve seen in any Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Hostel film.

I’ve talked to a few “real” witches online in the past, but unfortunately have never met any in real life. They’re much closer to hippies or naturists than devil worshipers. Often, very sensitive and kind people.

What are your thoughts on witches, Wicca, or paganism?

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