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One Dark Halloween Night

Halloween is a great time of celebration that runs deep in our culture for all ages. My blog is often more driven toward adults with an unhealthy obsession with Halloween ;), but there’s room for all ages to enjoy some fun and a good scare around Halloween season. That’s the beauty of it.

I hold fond memories as a child when they’d have the Scholastic Fair around Halloween time at the school library. We’d get Halloween candy and Halloween pencils, bookmarks and toys and more exciting, all the great Halloween books (Goosebumps comes to mind).

One Dark Halloween Night brings a rush of that very same nostalgia to me.

“The ultimate Halloween adventure.” — Professor Grimmgraves…

From a distance, the town of Autumnville never seemed quite right – the area being picturesque while at the same time haunting. It was a quiet, peaceful place to live, but there was a strange feeling that permeated the town and its people as Halloween approached. An eerie feeling that descended upon Autumnville, and no one knew why… until now.

Jason Myers, a 12-year-old boy who enjoyed all things monsters, discovers through a mysterious Halloween blog that monsters may be very real. On the blog is a video of a witch flying on a broom sighting. While showing it to his three best friends, they come to the horrible realization that it was filmed in the very town they live in.

The four friends will have to face a host of ghosts, witches, scarecrows, and other terrifying nightmares that have invaded Autumnville for a dark and sinister purpose. The boys will have many terrifying encounters and ultimately uncover the real secret behind Halloween. But Jason is not completely helpless, for he has the unwanted aid of a monstrous ally, and of course, Jason’s own incredible secret!

A suspenseful story for 12-year-olds to adults.

Check out OneDarkHalloweenNight.com

What are some of the Halloween and horror books you loved as a child?

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