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Lay Off the Nostalgia, Horror Fans: It’s Okay to Like New Movies Too

Before we even begin, I just want to say that I don’t mean to criticize anyone with what I’m about to type. In fact, I myself am guilty of many of the things I’m going to be ranting about. All I’m looking to do here is start an intelligent discussion, and get some thoughts off


TUSK: The Weekend That Horror Fans Turned Their Backs on Original Horror

If you ask any given horror fan what they dislike most about the genre, the answer you’re likely going to hear back is in regards to the inherent lack of originality that has in many ways come to define the landscape of modern horror cinema. Remakes, sequels and rehashed ideas are pretty much the only


Horror Convention Culture: It Ain’t What it Used to Be

It was in 2005 that I was bit by the proverbial horror convention bug, not yet old enough to drink – of course, I did anyway – but definitely old enough to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells that filled Maryland’s Hunt Valley Inn throughout the course of that life-altering weekend. It sounds dramatic but


Enough with the Stunt Casting, Horror Filmmakers

I’ve been attending horror conventions for nearly a decade now and one of my most memorable con experiences was at Monster Mania a few years back, when I met Stu Charno. Stu played loveable goofball Ted in Friday the 13th: Part 2, and though I initially just wanted to say hi and grab a quick


Is it Time for Horror Fans to Stop Living in the Past?

As much as I love the horror community, there are certain things about it that quite frankly boggle my mind, and one of those things is the way that we as horror fans tend to love and praise anything that’s old, and yet hate on or just plain totally ignore anything that’s shiny and new.