Is the Newest Child’s Play Film Already in Production?

If you follow Child’s Play creator, Don Mancini on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed quite a resurgence in the man’s career. He just wrapped an inaugural stint as a judge on Food Network’s “Halloween Wars” (one of my favorite Halloween traditions), as supervising writer/producer he helped launch an awesomely creepy new series (Syfy’s “Channel Zero: Candle


Forget Halloween 3D… Let Bryan Fuller Remake Halloween 3!

Earlier today, Bloody Disgusting broke the news out of the Cannes Film Festival that the brothers Weinstein are once again interested in making Halloween 3D a reality, which is of course an exciting tidbit of information for all fans of Michael Myers and his stalking & slashing ways. At the same time though, this certainly


Weird World Weekly: Amputation, Evil Lego and Skin Auctions!

It’s a wonderful and sometimes truly bizarre world we live in but the age of the internet makes so much information and news available to us that it’s easy to become desensitised to most things you read and watch. There is fascinating, thought provoking and brilliantly crazy stuff out there, you just have to fight

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Future Horror: Projects to Keep an Eye Out For

Whether only rumored, in-talks, announced, or actually in-development, here are some of the projects I’ve been following and am all sorts of giddy for: Movies Jeepers Creepers III Why? — I’ve probably never had a more enjoyable horror experience than when I saw the original Jeepers Creepers in theaters. It was a Friday the 13th

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R.L. Stine Bringing Fear Street Back from the Dead

Before he gave us Goosebumps, he frightened us on Fear Street. Launched in 1989, three years before Goosebumps came onto the scene and made him a household name, R.L. Stine created a lesser known series of books called Fear Street. It was just a few years earlier that Stine made the transition from comedy to