Halloween 2014


WCW Halloween Havoc: Ranking the Wrestling Event’s Posters

The worlds of wrestling and horror have collided many times over the years, giving us characters like The Undertaker, Papa Shango, Kane and Gangrel. Kamala, too. Can’t forget Kamala. He ate live chickens. But there’s never been a more majestic partnership between those worlds than Halloween Havoc – the now-defunct WCW’s annual pay-per-view that served


Halloween TV Specials: Halloween is Grinch Night

There are a few traditions that are an essential part of my annual Halloween experience, which include drinking enough pumpkin beer to turn part-gourd and, of course, carving at least one terrible looking jack o’lantern that just begs to be smashed on my porch by trick or treaters who don’t appreciate the finer things in


The Most Awesome Images Found on Social Media: 9/15-9/19

We’ve reached the end of another week – thank god! – which means it’s time to once again take a look at the coolest, weirdest and/or most awesome images that I’ve stumbled across on social media this past week. So let’s get right to it, shall we?! At long last, two of the Halloween season’s


Five Fun Facts: General Mills Monster Cereals

There are few things more representative of Halloween than the General Mills monster cereals, which return to supermarket shelves every September and only stick around through the big day. It’s their limited nature that makes them so special, though one could argue that the likes of Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula would be

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Five Awesome New 2014 Halloween Products from Rubie’s Costume Company!

As you can see by our always-running countdown up above, we are currently a mere 86 days away from Halloween 2014, which means it’s getting to be that time where Halloween shops start popping up in our hometowns, and normally boring stores become a whole lot more exciting. In fact, just this past weekend I