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Real Nightmares: Giveaway Edition

You could win cash or candy for telling the world about your scariest nightmare!

The Nightmare Painting

We’ve accepted guest posts where people shared their nightmares in the past, but for the giveaway, we’ll have people call in and leave a voicemail about their nightmare.

How to Enter

Before making the call, some important notes:

  • It must be real! No fiction please.
  • It must be yours! No retelling other people’s nightmares or urban legends please.
  • It must be authentic! No censoring yourself please. Graphic violence, nudity, and profanity are all fine. Tell it like it happened.
  • It must be scary! No silly, mundane, or political stuff please. We’re looking for the very most terrifying nightmare you recall ever having.
  • It will be shared publicly! While you can certainly remain anonymous if you like, the recording will be shared on our YouTube and audio channels.
  • VERY IMPORTANT!!! — You won’t hear any ringing. After calling in you’ll hear the beep after just a few seconds. After the beep, there’s a 3-minute recording limit, so make it count!

Step #1. Make the Call:

☠️ 207-956-0110 ☠️

Step #2. Leave a Comment:

(make sure to provide a brief summary of the nightmare you retold in the message in your comment)

🎉 Comment Below 🎉

Winner Selection

On Halloween night, a handful of winners will be randomly selected and announced. If selected, you’ll have your choice of cash or candy, but you won’t know how much money or what candy the prize is! 😈

Have fun and good luck ghouls! #RealNightmares

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