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Living Lists are unlike normal list articles because they’re not one-time, fixed lists. They’re living documents that require ongoing maintenance for accuracy, new discoveries, and updates.

List of Sci-fi and Horror Channels

Horror channels have always been obscure and far and few in-between. Most of us would love to subscribe to one of them, but beyond them being so hard to find in the first place, even when you do find them, it seems it’s not worth the $100+/month bill it’ll take to order some shitty cable

Horror Video Games Master List

Last Updated: January 29th, 2018 — Please nag me for fixes and updates. To my surprise, I couldn’t find a truly complete, definitive, master list of all the horror video games that were ever created anywhere online. At first glance, that may seem like an impossible, certainly daunting task, but not really if you think

The Best Horror Fonts Collection

October is drawing near and it’s time to start ramping up for Halloween season! For those looking for spooky fonts for party flyers, invitations, greeting cards, or something more creative like graphic art, fan movie posters, etc., start your search here, where I’ve begun curating the best horror fonts around that I can find. Total

Movies I’d Love to See Get the Scream Factory Treatment

If you haven’t heard of Scream Factory (a brand of Shout Factory), they specialize in bringing obscure and cult classic horror and sci-fi films to Blu-ray and DVD. These films are often long-forgotten or neglected by the studios. Scream Factory certainly isn’t the only company out there pulling these movies from the archives and restoring

Future Horror: Projects to Keep an Eye Out For

Whether only rumored, in-talks, announced, or actually in-development, here are some of the projects I’ve been following and am all sorts of giddy for: Movies Jeepers Creepers III Why? — I’ve probably never had a more enjoyable horror experience than when I saw the original Jeepers Creepers in theaters. It was a Friday the 13th

Treasure Trove of Horror Websites

I’ve been obsessed with all things horror and Halloween my whole life and for someone with that type of behavior, it’s no mystery that I’ve also been addicted to the internet for well over a decade now. I certainly have no shortage of lovely oddities filling up by browser bookmarks and thought I’d share some

Halloween and Horror Music Collection

I’ve collected many lovely, creepy, bizarre, melancholy-filled, and obscure songs over the years. In the list below, I’ll continue adding the best of my collection and ask that the community also make suggestions for the list. Notes for this list: I’ve done my best to make sure that I’m linking to the most accurate versions