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Horror Video Games Master List

Horror Video Games Master List

Last Updated: February 3rd, 2023 β€” 🧑

Original Objective

To my surprise, I couldn’t find a truly complete, definitive, master list of all the horror video games that were ever created anywhere online. At first glance, that may seem like an impossible, certainly daunting task, but not really if you think about it. We’re talking about one of the mediums of storytelling with the least amount of titles in it already because of the complexity of making games, but then also just one genre within that medium.

By the time we get everything listed, I don’t even think we’ll hit the 1k mark. Also, there were only X amount of games ever created in the past, so eventually we’re going to be able to check off that part of the list for good. Then, it’ll only be a matter of keeping up with the latest titles coming out.

I’m not saying it’ll be easy and that there won’t be pitfalls, some I’m already aware of and some I haven’t thought of yet, but I think it’s a very doable goal. If you’d like to help out, simply comment below to let me know of any titles I missed or about any other errors or typos you find.

While still incomplete, the list I’ve put together below is now the most complete, organized, and consistent list of horror games that can be found anywhere. And this is just the first draft. Data researched, collected, and combined from Wikipedia, IGN, Google, developer websites, and my own personal knowledge of games. But those sources are pretty much tapped now.

Another major issue that’s plagued horror video games over the years, is that major publications have not given these games a proper genre. They’re almost always listed under “Action,” which simply isn’t accurate and hides proper horror games among the more popular and many actual action games.

For a while, “Survival Horror” was coined and was a little more helpful, but really, just a sub-genre of horror. It’s so bad that I once said “I love horror video games.” on social media and was met with confused comments like “What’s a horror video game?” because horror is not seen as an official kind of genre, though it clearly is in actual reality.

Only with your help, can we ever finish it and make it truly definitive. The reason being is that for most of the major gaps, I was only able to fill from my own personal knowledge, so I suspect the remaining gaps can only be filled by other individuals who are able to point out horror games they recall playing that aren’t yet listed.

Thank you!

New Objective

The landscape of content has changed drastically since I first created this list. What used to be a few horror games trickling in a year has now become a steady 50-100 a year. In general, the amount of content released across the board (including movies, TV shows, and games) has grown exponentially; it’s overwhelming. We’re evolving into a digital people and with so many new advancements in tech (like AI), it’s only going to get harder to curate anything with human brainpower alone.

I hope I’ll give this list a dusting at least a few times a year, but realistically, I’ll do my best. I think mainly I’ll try to at the very least get the most anticipated upcoming games listed, but trying to track down every single horror game ever made isn’t as fun of a challenge as it used to be considering how culture has changed and is changing.

The Games

NostromoAkira TakiguchiPET/NEC1981
3D Monster MazeMalcolm EvansZX811982
Haunted HouseAtariAtari 26001982
Monster BashSegaArcade1982
Terror HouseBandaiLCD Solarpower1982
The Texas Chainsaw MassacreWizard VideoAtari 26001982
Atic AtacTim and Chris StamperZX/BBC Micro1983
Forbidden ForestCosmi CorporationC641983
Ghost ManorXonoxAtari 2600/Vic-20/TurboGrafx-161983
HalloweenWizard VideoAtari 26001983
AlienArgus Press SoftwareC641984
The Evil DeadPalace SoftwareC64/ZX1984
Beyond Castle WolfensteinMuse SoftwareAtari 8-bit/C64/DOS/Apple II1984
The RatsHodder and StoughtonC64/ZX1985
The ScreamerMagical ZooNEC1985
Nosferatu the VampyrePiranhaC64/ZX/Amstrad C/Win1986
UninvitedICOM SimulationsNES/C64/Amiga/Atari ST/Win/Mac/Apple IIGS/Famicom1986
Ghost HouseSegaMaster System1986
Vampire KillerKonamiWii U/MSX21986
FrankensteinCRL GroupC64/ZX/Amstrad C/Win1987
Ghost HuntersOliver TwinsZX/Amstrad C/Win1987
Jack the RipperCRL GroupC64/ZX/Amstrad C/Win1987
Laplace no MaGroup SNE/Vic TokaiNEC/X68000/DOS/TurboGrafx CD/Super Famicom1987
Shiryou Sensen: War of the DeadFun FactoryMSX2/NEC/Win1987
The Lurking HorrorInfocomAtari 8-bit/Atari ST/C64/Amiga/Amstrad C/Win/DOS/Mac/Apple II1987
Soft & CuddlyThe Power HouseZX1987
Maniac MansionLucasfilm GamesNES/C64/Amiga/Atari ST/Win/Apple II1987
War of the Dead Part 2Fun FactoryMSX2/NEC1988
KenseidenSegaMaster System1988
It Came from the DesertCinemawareGenesis/Amiga/DOS/Mega Drive/TurboGrafx-161989
Project FirestartDynamixC641989
Friday the 13thPack-In-VideoNES1989
Sweet HomeCapcomNES1989
Elvira: Mistress of the DarkHorrorsoftAmiga/Atari ST/C64/DOS1990
Hugo's House of HorrorsGray Design AssociatesWin/DOS1990
A Nightmare on Elm StreetRareNES1990
Space GunTaitoXbox/PS2/Arcade/Atari ST/Amiga/C64/ZX/Master System/Win1990
The Addams FamilyOceanNES/SNES/Genesis1991
Alone in the DarkInfogramesWin/DOS/Mac/FM Towns/3DO/RISC OS/iOS1992
Dark SeedCyberdreamsPS1/Saturn/Amiga/DOS/Mac1992
Elvira II: The Jaws of CerberusHorrorsoftAmiga/Atari ST/C64/DOS1992
Splatterhouse 2NamcoGenesis1992
Wolfenstein 3DId SoftwareSNES/GBA/Atari Jaguar/Amiga 1200/3DO/Acorn Archimedes/NEC/Apple IIGS1992
Spear of DestinyId SoftwareDOS1992
Alone in the Dark 2InfogramesPS1/Saturn/3DO/Win/DOS/Mac/FM Towns1993
Zombies Ate My NeighborsLucasArtsSNES/Genesis/Wii1993
DoomId SoftwareWin1993
Escape from Monster ManorEA3DO1993
Splatterhouse 3NamcoGenesis1993
The Legacy: Realm of TerrorMagnetic ScrollsDOS1993
The 7th GuestTrilobyteWin/DOS/Mac/CD-i/iOS1993
Night SlashersData EastArcade1993
Doom IIId SoftwareWin/Mac1994
Alone in the Dark 3InfogramesWin/DOS/Mac1994
Hell: A Cyberpunk ThrillerTake-Two Interactive3DO/DOS1994
Doctor HauzerRiverhillsoft3DO1994
Nitemare 3DGray Design AssociatesWin/DOS1994
System ShockLooking Glass StudiosWin/DOS/Mac1994
Dark Seed IIDestiny Media TechnologiesPS1/Saturn/Win/Mac1995
Gakkou de atta Kowai HanashiPandora BoxSuper Famicom1995
PhantasmagoriaSierra On-Line Kronos Digital EntertainmentSaturn/Win/DOS/Mac1995
Clock Tower: The First FearHuman EntertainmentPS1/Super Famicom/Wonderswan/Win1995
Bad Day on the MidwayinSCAPEWin/Mac1995
I Have No Mouth and I Must ScreamThe Dreamers GuildDOS/Mac1995
The Dark EyeinSCAPEWin/Mac1995
The 11th HourTrilobyteWin/DOS/Mac1995
Bad MojoPulse EntertainmentWin1996
Resident EvilCapcomPS1/Saturn/GameCube/Wii/PS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win1996
Corpse PartyTeam GrisGrisWin1996
Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to DarknessTecmoPS1/PSN1996
HarvesterDigiFX InteractiveDOS1996
The House of the DeadWow EntertainmentWii/Saturn/Arcade/Win1996
Realms of the HauntingGremlin InteractiveWin1996
Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of FleshSierra EntertainmentWin/DOS1996
Clock TowerHuman Entertainment/ASCII EntertainmentPS11996
Enemy ZeroWARPSaturn/Win1996
The NoteTeam BughousePS11997
Blood3D Realms/Monolith ProductionsDOS1997
Nightmare CreaturesKalisto EntertainmentPS1/N64/Win/Phone1997
Moonlight SyndromeHuman EntertainmentPS11997
AnchorheadMichael S. GentryWin1998
Resident Evil 2CapcomGameCube/Dreamcast/PS1/N64/Win1998
Clock Tower II: The Struggle WithinHuman Entertainment/Agetec Inc.PS11998
Parasite Eve ISquare USAPS11998
SanitariumDreamForge IntertainmentWin1998
Deep FearSegaSaturn1998
Blood II: The ChosenMonolith ProductionsWin1998
CarnEvilMidway GamesArcade1999
Silent HillTeam SilentPS1/PSN1999
Blue StingerClimax GraphicsDreamcast1999
Soul of the SamuraiKonamiPS11999
The Guardian of DarknessCryo InteractivePS1/Win1999
Dino CrisisCapcomPS1/Dreamcast/Win1999
Shadow ManAcclaim Studios TeessidePS1/N64/Dreamcast/Win1999
System Shock 2Irrational Games/Looking Glass StudiosWin1999
GaleriansPolygon MagicPS11999
Resident Evil 3: NemesisCapcomPS1/Dreamcast/GameCube/Win1999
NocturneTerminal RealityWin1999
Parasite Eve IISquaresoftPS11999
Chaos BreakEON Digital EntertainmentPS12000
Fear EffectKronos Digital EntertainmentPS12000
Resident Evil: Code VeronicaCapcomPS2/PS3/Dreamcast/GameCube/X3602000
The Ring: Terror's RealmAsmik Ace Entertainment/Nurding GroupDreamcast2000
Nightmare Creatures IIKalisto EntertainmentPS1/Dreamcast2000
Martian Gothic: UnificationCreative RealityPS1/Win2000
Bible BlackTrollSoftWin2000
Dino Crisis 2CapcomPS1/PSN/Win2000
American McGee's AliceRouge EntertainmentPS3/X360/Win/Mac2000
The Evil Dead: Hail to the KingHeavy Iron Studios/THQPS1/Dreamcast/Win2000
Luigi's MansionNintendo EADGameCube2001
White Day: A Labyrinth Named SchoolSonnoriWin2001
Onimusha: WarlordsCapcomPS2/Xbox/Win2001
Clive Barker's UndyingDreamWorks Interactive/Westlake InteractiveWin/Mac2001
ExterminationDeep SpacePS22001
IllbleedClimax GraphicsDreamcast2001
Necronomicon: The Dawning of DarknessWanadoo EditionPS1/Win2001
Alone in the Dark 4: The New NightmareDarkworksPS1/PS2/Dreamcast/Game Boy Color/Win2001
Twisted Metal: BlackIncognito EntertainmentPS2/PS42001
Silent Hill 2Team SilentPS2/PS3/Xbox/X360/Win2001
Fear Effect 2: Retro HelixKronos Digital EntertainmentPS12001
Return to Castle WolfensteinGray Matter InteractiveXbox/PS2/Win/Mac/Lin2001
Fatal FrameTecmo KoeiPS2/Xbox2001
Ghost TrapArtoonGBA2002
Ghost VibrationArtoonPS22002
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's RequiemSilicon KnightsGameCube2002
Higurashi When They Cry07th ExpansionPS2/DS/Win/iOS2002
Buffy the Vampire SlayerThe CollectiveXbox2002
The ThingComputer ArtworksPS2/Xbox/Win2002
Resident Evil ZeroCapcomGameCube/Wii/PS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2002
Clock Tower 3Capcom Production Studio 3/SunsoftPS22002
LifelineSony Computer EntertainmentPS22003
The Black Mirror I: Death's MessengerFuture GamesWin2003
Silent Hill 3Team SilentPS2/PS3/X360/Win2003
Wolfenstein: Enemy TerritorySplash Damage/Id SoftwareWin/Mac/Lin/AROS/MorphOS2003
Dino Crisis 3CapcomXbox2003
The Evil Dead: A Fistful of BoomstickVIS Entertainment/THQPS2/Xbox2003
Hungry GhostsDeep SpacePS22003
Gregory Horror ShowCapcomPS22003
Curse: The Eye of IsisAsylum EntertainmentXbox/PS2/Win2003
Nosferatu: The Wrath of MalachiIdol FXWin2003
Glass RoseCapcomPS22003
Forbidden SirenProject SirenPS22003
Fatal Frame II: Crimson ButterflyTecmo KoeiPS2/Xbox/Wii2003
The Black Mirror SeriesFuture Games/Cranberry Production GmbHWin2003
The SufferingSurreal SoftwarePS2/Xbox/Win2004
KuonFrom SoftwarePS22004
Silent Hill 4: The RoomTeam SilentPS2/Xbox/Win2004
Doom 3Id Software/ActivisionXbox/X360/PS3/Win/Mac/Lin2004
Michigan: Report from HellGrasshopper ManufacturePS22004
ObsCureHydravision EntertainmentPS2/Xbox/Win2004
Akai ItoSuccess CorporationPS22004
Vampire: The Masquerade – BloodlinesTroika GamesWin2004
The Evil Dead: RegenerationCranky Pants Games/THQPS2/Xbox/Win2005
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a PulseWideloadXbox/X360/Win/Mac2005
Resident Evil 4CapcomGameCube/Wii/Wii U/PS2/PS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2005
Cold FearDarkworksPS2/Xbox/Win2005
Doom 3: Resurrection of EvilNerve Software/Id Software/ActivisionXbox/Win/Lin2005
Haunting GroundCapcomPS22005
PathologicIce-Pick LodgeWin2005
Fatal Frame III: The TormentedTecmo KoeiPS2/PSN2005
DarkwatchHigh Moon StudiosPS2/Xbox2005
The Suffering: Ties That BindSurreal SoftwarePS2/Xbox/Win2005
F.E.A.R.Monolith ProductionsPS3/X360/Win2005
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the EarthHeadfirst ProductionsXbox/Win2005
Condemned: Criminal OriginsMonolith ProductionsX360/Win2005
Jaws UnleashedAppaloosa InteractivePS2/Xbox/Win2006
Rule of RosePunchlinePS22006
Forbidden Siren 2Project SirenPS22006
Monster HouseArtificial Mind and MovementPS2/GameCube/DS/GBA2006
Dead RisingCapcomX3602006
F.E.A.R. Extraction PointTimeGate StudiosX360/Win2006
Resistance: Fall of ManInsomniac GamesPS32006
Escape from Bug IslandSpikeWii2006
Kabus 22Motion BlurWin2006
BioShockIrrational GamesX360/PS3/Win/Mac/iOS2007
Vampire RainArtoonX360/PS32007
Penumbra: OvertureFrictional GamesWin/Mac/Lin2007
Monster Madness: Battle for SuburbiaArtificial Studios/Immersion GamesX360/Win2007
The DarknessStarbreeze Studios/2K GamesPS3/X3602007
ObsCure IIHydravision EntertainmentPS2/PSP/Wii/Win2007
Clive Barker's JerichoMercurySteamPS3/X360/Win2007
Manhunt 2RockstarPS2/PSP/Wii/Win2007
Dementium: The WardRenegade KidDS2007
Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath NolderZoetrope InteractiveWin2007
F.E.A.R. Perseus MandateTimeGate StudiosX360/Win2007
Silent Hill: OriginsClimax StudiosPS2/PSP2007
Left 4 DeadTurtle Rock StudiosX360/Win/Mac2008
Penumbra: Black PlagueFrictional GamesWin/Mac/Lin2008
Corpse Party BloodCoveredTeam GrisGrisWin2008
Condemned 2: BloodshotMonolith ProductionsPS3/X3602008
Alone in the Dark 5: InfernoEden GamesPS2/PS3/Wii/X360/Win2008
Zero: Tsukihami no KamenGrasshopper ManufactureWii2008
Nanashi no GameEpicsDS2008
Forbidden Siren 3: Blood CurseProject SirenPS32008
Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar EclipseGrasshopper ManufactureWii2008
Monster Madness: Grave DangerPsyonix Studios/Immersion GamesPS32008
Penumbra: RequiemFrictional GamesWin/Mac/Lin2008
Silent Hill: HomecomingDouble Helix GamesPS3/X360/Win2008
Wolfenstein RPGFountainhead EntertainmentJava ME/BREW/iOS2008
Dead SpaceVisceral GamesPS3/X360/Win2008
Ao OninopropsWin2008
Call of Duty: World at War – Nazi ZombiesTreyarchPS3/X360/Win2008
Resistance 2Insomniac GamesPS32008
Cryostasis: Sleep of ReasonAction FormsWin2008
Left 4 Dead 2Turtle Rock StudiosX360/Win/Mac/Lin2009
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of PripyatGSC Game WorldWin2009
The Black Mirror II: Reigning EvilCranberry Production GmbHWin2009
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginMonolith ProductionsPS3/X360/Win2009
Dead Rising: Chop Till You DropTose SoftwareWii2009
NecroVisioNThe Farm 51Win2009
Resident Evil 5CapcomPS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2009
The PathTale of TalesWin/Mac2009
Killing FloorTripwire InteractiveWin2009
Dark SalvationMangled Eye StudiosWin/Mac/Lin2009
WolfensteinRaven SoftwarePS3/X360/Win2009
Cursed MountainSporing Interactive MediaWii/Win2009
F.E.A.R. 2: RebornMonolith ProductionsPS3/X360/Win2009
Dead Space: ExtractionVisceral Games/EurocomWii/PS32009
SawZombie StudiosPS3/X360/Win2009
Call of Duty: ZombiesIdeaworks Game StudioiOS2009
Silent Hill: Shattered MemoriesClimax StudiosWii/PS2/PSP/PSN2009
LITWayForward TechnologiesWii2009
Red Dead Redemption: Undead NightmareRockstarPS3/X3602010
Castlevania: Lords of ShadowMercurySteam/Kojima ProductionsPS3/X360/Win2010
DarksidersVigil GamesPS3/X360/Win2010
Dante's InfernoVisceral GamesPS3/PSP/X3602010
Deadly PremonitionAccess GamesPS3/X3602010
Metro 20334A GamesX360/Win2010
Dementium IIRenegade KidDS/Win/Mac2010
Alan WakeRemedy EntertainmentX360/Win2010
Darkness Within 2: The Dark LineageZoetrope InteractiveWin2010
SingularityRaven SoftwarePS3/X360/Win2010
Corpse Party BloodCovered: Repeated FearTeam GrisGrisPSP/3DS/iOS2010
Dead Rising 2: Case ZeroBlue Castle GamesXLA2010
Amnesia: The Dark DescentFrictional GamesWin/Mac/Lin2010
Dead Rising 2Blue Castle GamesPS3/X360/Win2010
Dead Space IgnitionVisceral GamesPSN/XLA2010
Saw II: Flesh & BloodZombie StudiosPS3/X3602010
Call of Duty: Black Ops – ZombiesTreyarchPS3/X360/Wii/DS/Win2010
SplatterhouseBottleRocket/Namco Bandai GamesPS3/X3602010
Parasite Eve IIISquare Enix/HexaDrivePSP2010
Dead Rising 2: Case WestBlue Castle GamesXLA2010
CandlesLasse Westmark NielsenWin2011
Dark SoulsFrom SoftwarePS3/X360/Win2011
Knights ContractGame RepublicPS3/X3602011
The Black Mirror III: Final FearCranberry Production GmbHWin2011
Dead Space 2Visceral GamesPS3/X360/Win2011
1916: Der Unbekannte KriegDADIU Team 2Win/Mac/Browser2011
Alice: Madness ReturnsSpicy HorsePS3/X360/Win2011
F.E.A.R. 3Day 1 StudiosPS3/X360/Win2011
Shadows of the DamnedGrasshopper ManufacturePS3/X3602011
Dead IslandTechlandPS3/X360/Win/Mac/Lin2011
Resistance 3Insomniac GamesPS32011
Rise of NightmaresSegaX3602011
Corpse Party: Book of ShadowsTeam GrisGrisPSP/iOS2011
Dead Rising 2: Off the RecordCapcom VancouverPS3/X360/Win2011
Call of Duty: Black Ops – ZombiesIdeaworks Game StudioiOS/Android2011
Twisted MetalEat Sleep PlayPS32012
Dear EstherThe Chinese RoomPS4/XB1/Win2012
Darksiders IIVigil GamesPS3/PS4/Wii U/X360/XB1/Win2012
Dream Of The Blood MoonDaniel KlenkWin/Mac2012
Lollipop ChainsawGrasshopper ManufacturePS3/X3602012
Lone SurvivorSuperflat GamesPS3/PS4/Vita/Wii U/Win/Mac/Lin2012
SCP – Containment BreachJoonas RikkonenWin2012
The Walking DeadTelltale GamesPS3/PS4/Vita/X360/XB1/Win/iOS/Ouya2012
Mystery: Curiosity and Seek the truthTakeTimeGamesWin2012
Resident Evil: RevelationsCapcomPS3/X360/Win2012
The Darkness IIDigital Extremes/2K GamesPS3/X3602012
Alan Wake's American NightmareRemedy EntertainmentX360/Win2012
Silent Hill: DownpourVatra GamesPS3/X3602012
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityCapcomPS3/X360/Win2012
I Am AliveDarkworksPS3/X3602012
Slender: The Eight PagesParsec ProductionsWin/Mac2012
Fatal Frame II: Wii EditionTecmo KoeiWii2012
Resident Evil 6CapcomPS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2012
Lucius IShiver GamesWin2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops II – ZombiesTreyarchPS3/Wii U/X360/Win2012
ZombiUUbisoft MontrealWii U2012
Knock-KnockIce Pick LodgePS4/Vita/Win/iOS2013
The Last of UsNaughty DogPS3/PS42013
The Queen Anne's RevengeArrowshot GamesBrowser2013
TeleglitchTest3 ProjectsWin/Mac/Lin2013
One Late NightBlack Curtain StudioWin/Mac/Lin2013
Dead Space 3Visceral GamesPS3/X360/Win2013
Aliens: Colonial MarinesSegaPS3/X360/Win2013
Eyes: The Horror Game7th Density GamesWin/Mac/Lin/iOS/Android2013
Slender: The ArrivalParsec ProductionsPS3/X360/Win/Mac2013
Clockwork: Three TapesWIA StudioWin2013
DoppelgangerThe Ryan/Dat GameWin/Mac/Lin2013
Dead Island: RiptideTechlandPS3/X360/Win2013
Don't StarveKlei EntertainmentPS4/Vita/Win2013
Cry of FearTeam PsykskallarWin2013
Metro: Last Light4A GamesPS3/X360/Win2013
OutlastRed BarrelsPS4/XB1/Win2013
Amnesia: A Machine for PigsThe Chinese RoomWin/Mac/Lin2013
Hell Was HereCrystal LakeWin2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts – ExtinctionInfinity Ward/NeversoftPS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2013
Dead Rising 3CapcomXB1/Win2013
7 Days to DieThe Fun PimpsWin2013
DayZBohemia InteractiveWin2013
State of DecayUndead LabsX360/Win2013
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2MercurySteamPS3/X360/Win2014
Depths of Fear: KnossosDirigo GamesWin2014
My Father's Long Long LegsMichael LutzBrowser2014
P.T.Kojima ProductionsPS42014
DaylightZombie StudiosPS4/Win2014
Sir You Are Being HuntedBig RobotWin2014
DreadOutDigital Happiness/PT Digital Semantika IndonesiaWin/Mac/Lin2014
Wolfenstein: The New OrderMachine GamesPS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2014
Among the SleepKrillbite StudioPS4/Win/Mac/Linux2014
UnturnedNelson SextonWin/Mac2014
Corpse Party: Blood DriveTeam GrisGrisVita2014
DarkwoodAcid Wizard StudioWin/Mac/Ubuntu2014
Pineview DriveVIS GamesWin/Lin2014
Five Nights at Freddy'sScott CawthonWin/iOS/Android2014
Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black WaterTecmo KoeiWii U2014
Alien: IsolationThe Creative AssemblyPS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2014
The Evil WithinTango GameworksPS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2014
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Exo ZombiesSledgehammer GamesPS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2014
Five Nights at Freddy's 2Scott CawthonWin/iOS/Android2014
Escape Dead IslandFatsharkPS3/X360/Win2014
Dead StateDoubleBear ProductionsWin2014
Mortal Kombat XNetherRealm Studios/High Voltage SoftwarePS4/XB1/Win2015
The Vanishing of Ethan CarterThe AstronautsPS4/Win2015
Everybody's Gone to the RaptureThe Chinese RoomPS4/Win2015
Dying LightTechlandPS4/XB1/Win2015
Lucius IIShiver GamesWin2015
Five Nights at Freddy's 3Scott CawthonWin/iOS/Android2015
Resident Evil: Revelations 2CapcomPS3/PS4/Vita/X360/XB1/Win2015
BloodborneFrom SoftwarePS42015
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodMachine GamesPS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2015
Alone in the Dark 6: IlluminationPure FPSWin2015
Five Nights at Freddy's 4Scott CawthonWin/iOS/Android2015
Until DawnSupermassive GamesPS42015
SOMAFrictional GamesPS4/Win/Mac/Lin2015
Call of Duty: Black Ops III – ZombiesTreyarchPS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Win2015
Emily Wants to PlayShawn HitchcockPS4/XB1/Win/Mac/iOS/Android2015
DoomId SoftwarePS4/XB12016
Until Dawn: Rush of BloodSupermassive GamesPS42016
NightCryNude MakerWin2016
Dead by DaylightBehavior InteractivePS4/XB1/Win2016
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister LocationScott CawthonWin/iOS/Android2016
Killing Floor 2Tripwire InteractivePS4/Win2016
Dead Rising 4CapcomXB1/Win2016
Layers of FearBloober TeamPS4/XB1/Win/Mac/Lin2016
Outlast IIRed BarrelsPS4/XB1/Win/Mac2017
Friday the 13thIllfonicPS4/XB1/Win2017
Resident Evil 7: BiohazardCapcomPS4/XB1/Win2017
Little NightmaresTarsier StudiosPS4/XB1/Win2017
Get EvenThe Farm 51PS4/XB1/Win2017
Ghost TheoryDreadlocks LtdPS4/XB1/Win2017
P.A.M.E.L.A.NVYVE StudiosWin2017
ObserverBloober TeamWin2017
TetherFreesphere EntertainmentWin2017
PerceptionThe Deep End GamesSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2017
Dead AllianceIllfonic/Psyop GamesPS4/XB1/Win2017
Hidden AgendaSupermassive GamesPS42017
The Evil Within 2Tango GameworksPS4/XB1/Win2017
Black MirrorKing ArtPS4/XB1/Win2017
The InpatientSupermassive GamesPSVR2018
TransferenceSpectreVision/Ubisoft MontrealPS4/XB1/Win2018
Overkill's The Walking DeadOverkill SoftwarePS4/XB1/Win2018
AgonyMadmind StudioPS4/XB1/Win2018
We Happy FewCompulsion GamesPS4/XB1/Win/Mac/Lin2018
State of Decay 2Undead LabsXB1/Win2018
The ForestSKS GamesPS4/Win2018
Past CurePhantom 8PS4/XB1/Win2018
Call of CthulhuCyanidePS4/XB1/Win2018
Remothered: Tormented FathersDICO/Darril Arts/Stormind GamesSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2018
Last Year: The NightmareElastic GamesWin2018
Crying is Not EnoughStoryline TeamPS4/XB1/Win2018
Days GoneBend StudioPS42019
The Blackout ClubQuestionPS4/XB1/Win2019
The Dark Pictures: Man of MedanSupermassive GamesPS4/XB1/Win2019
Resident Evil 2 (remake)CapcomPS4/XB1/Win2019
Layers of Fear 2Bloober TeamPS4/XB1/Win2019
Blair WitchBloober TeamSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2019
The Sinking CityFrogwaresSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2019
Daymare: 1998Invader StudiosPS4/XB1/Win2019
World War ZSaber InteractiveSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2019
Pathologic 2Ice-Pick LodgePS4/XB1/Win2019
A Plague Tale: InnocenceAsobo StudioPS4/XB1/Win2019
Yuppie PsychoBaroque DecaySwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2019
Apsulov: End of GodsAngry Demon StudioWin2019
Close to the SunStorm in a TeacupSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2019
GTFO10 Chambers CollectiveWin2019
DARQUnfold GamesSwitch/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/Win2019
VisageSadsquare StudioPS4/XB1/Win2020
Resident Evil 3 (remake)CapcomPS4/XB1/Win2020
Doom EternalId Software/Panic ButtonSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win/Stadia2020
Dawn of FearBrok3nsitePS42020
The ShatteringSuper Sexy SoftwareWin2020
The Last of Us Part IINaughty DogPS42020
Remothered: Broken PorcelainDarril Arts/Stormind GamesSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2020
World of HorrorPanstaszSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2020
DreadOut 2Digital HappinessWin2020
CarrionPhobia Game StudioSwitch/XB1/Win2020
Someday You'll ReturnCBE SoftwarePS4/XB1/Win2020
The Dark Pictures: Little HopeSupermassive GamesPS4/XB1/Win2020
Monstrum IIJunkfishSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2020
Amnesia: RebirthFrictional GamesPS4/Win2020
Maid of SkerWales InteractiveSwitch/PS4/XB1/Win2020
Observer: System ReduxBloober TeamPS5/XSX2020
The MediumBloober TeamXSX/Win2021
In Sound MindWe Create StuffPS5/XSX/Win2021
Little Nightmares IITarsier StudiosSwitch/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/Win2021
Resident Evil VillageCapcomPS5/XSX/Win2021
Martha is DeadLKAXSX/Win2021
Werewolf: The Apocalypse β€” EarthbloodCyanidePS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/Win2021
UnholyDuality GamesWin2021
Evil Dead: The GameBoss Team GamesSwitch/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/Win2021
Ghostwire: TokyoTango GameworksPS5/Win2022
Ad InfinitumStrixLabPS5/XSX/Win2022
ScornEbb SoftwareXSX/Win2022
Dying Light 2TechlandPS5/XSX/Win2022
Sons of the ForestEndnight GamesWin2023
The Outlast TrialsRed BarrelsPS5/Win2023
System Shock (remake)NightDive StudiosPS4/XB1/Win2023
Amnesia: BunkerFrictional GamesPS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/Win2023
Dead Island 2Dambuster StudiosPS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/Win2023
The Texas Chain Saw MassacreGun MediaPS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/Win2023
Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The GameTeravision GamesPS4/PS5/XB1/XSX/Win2023
Alan Wake IIRemedyPS5/XSX/Win2023
Layers of FearsBloober TeamPS5/XSX/Win2023
Resident Evil 4 (remake)CapcomPS4/PS5/XSX/Win2023
Silent Hill 2 (remake)Bloober TeamPS5/Win2023
Dead Space (remake)EA MotivePS5/XSX/Win2023
Silent Hill fNeobards EntertainmentPS5/WinTBA
Silent Hill: TownfallNo Code StudiosPS5/WinTBA
Forgotten Memories: Alternate RealitiesPsychose InteractivePS3/PS4/Vita/XB1/Wii U/iOS/AndroidTBA
The Hum: AbductionsThotwise GamesPS4/Win/MacTBA
RoutineLunar SoftwareWin/MacTBA
Pathologic (remake)Ice-Pick LodgePS4/XB1/Win/Mac/LinTBA
Dead Static DriveFanclubXB1/WinTBA
Quantum ErrorTeamKill MediaPS4/PS5TBA
ParanoidMadmind StudioWinTBA
Allison RoadLilithWinCancelled
Dead Island: EpidemicStunlock StudiosWinCancelled
DarkbornThe OutsidersPS4/XB1/WinCancelled
Nightmare Creatures III: Angel of DarknessUbisoftPS2Cancelled
The GrinderHigh Voltage SoftwarePS3/Wii/X360/WinCancelled
Silent HillsKojima ProductionsPS4Cancelled

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