Jason Voorhees Kill List / Visual Guide Part 3: Freddy vs Jason

Freddy V Jason 1.

Here we go with the third part of what will hopefully become a 100% complete visual guide to every character and actor who has died at the hands of the legend that is Jason Voorhees.

Jason Takes Manhattan got the treatment first Here.

Then we moved onto Part 7: The New Blood Here.

Getting on each list is simple: The character MUST be directly killed by Jason himself and where possible the kill must be confirmed … any questionable deaths will be included to be judged by you the readers and possibly edited in the future.

If available, full character names will be entered along with the names of the actors and actresses who portrayed them. Links to IMDb will be inserted so you can find out of any your favourite victims went on to achieve Hollywood stardom or if getting slaughtered by the big man was just a very cool moment at the start of a more humble career.

As you have no doubt noticed I’m not starting from the beginning, this is simply because in the last couple of weeks I went on a Friday The 13th viewing marathon … It’s been a few years since I watched many of them and I wanted to start with some of the more questionable entries first, the films I remembered liking least to see if my opinion had altered over time.

So what did I learn from watching Freddy Vs. Jason again?

In the build up to its release this movie concerned me, I love both characters so much and had serious doubts they could create a movie that did them justice and wouldn’t become a target for ridicule. When the finished product met with moderate success and decent reviews I mostly felt relief and probably embraced what I had seen more than it deserved.

In the years since I find myself still enjoying FVJ but I’m not a huge fan if I’m brutally honest. Freddy gets short changed in the action department, only getting a chance to shine toward the end and visually I think Jason just didn’t work … he’s a big guy but this was TOO big! I’m not a rabid Kane Hodder fanboy but he had the character nailed and I don’t think they needed to change things as much as they did.

The end result is a polished crowd pleaser that looks very nice. Ronny Yu had a difficult task making this into something viable but he did a solid job.

Unless things change in the near future this movie features the final appearances of the ‘Original’ Freddy & Jason and it’s not a bad way to say farewell to them but just not a perfect goodbye.

Here we go …

Freddy V Jason Heather.

1. Heather (Odessa Munroe) Stabbed through the stomach with a machete pinning her to a tree. (Jason dream sequence)

Freddy V Jason Trey.

2. Trey (Jessie Hutch) Stabbed in the back repeatedly then folded in half along with his bed.

Freddy V Jason Father.

3. Blake’s Father (Brent Chapman) Decapitated with a machete (Off screen).

Freddy V Jason Blake.

4. Blake (David Kopp) Slashed to death with a machete.

Freddy V Jason Gibb.

5. Gibb Smith (Katharine Isabelle) Impaled with a long broken pipe.

Freddy V jason Frisell

6. Frisell (Alex Green) Impaled at the same time as Gibb and thrown into the air.

Freddy V jason Teammate.

7. ‘Teammate’ (Colby Johannson) Head twisted round / Broken neck.

Freddy V Jason Shack.

8. Shack (Chris Gauthier) Burning machete thrown into back emerging out of chest.

Party Victims 1 + 2.

Party Victims 3, 4, 5.

9, 10, 11, 12, 13. At this point Jason goes kill crazy at the party. From what I can tell 5 probable deaths happen on-screen with a 6th just about to take place as the movie switches to another scene. The big man probably ended up killing many more but there are the 5 we can visually confirm.

Freddy V Jason Security Guard.

14. Asylum security guard (Tony Willett) Crushed under a heavy emergency exit door that Jason was pounding on (Off screen).

Freddy V Jason Scott.

15. Deputy Scott Stubbs (Lochlyn Munro) Electrocuted by Jason then has his head rammed into a computer screen.

Freddy V Jason Bill.

16. Bill Freeburg (Kyle Labine) Cut in half by Jason while being possessed by Freddy.

Freddy V Jason Charlie.

17. Charlie Linderman (Chris Marquette) Thrown against a wall bracket and dies from blood loss a short time later.

Freddy V jason Kia.

18. Kia Waterson (Kelly Rowland) Brutally slashed with a machete across the chest causing her to violently impact against a tree.

As always if you notice any mistakes or anything I’ve missed just drop me a message below …

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