Jason Voorhees Kill List / Visual Guide Part 2: The New Blood

The New Blood Jason.

Ok, here we go with the second part of what will hopefully become a 100% accurate and complete visual guide to every character and actor who has died at the hands of the legend that is Jason Voorhees.

Getting on each list is simple: The character MUST be directly killed by Jason himself and where possible the kill must be confirmed … any questionable deaths will be included to be judged by you the readers and possibly edited in the future.

If available, full character names will be entered along with the names of the actors and actresses who portrayed them. Links to IMDb will be inserted so you can find out if any of your favourite victims went on to achieve Hollywood stardom or if getting slaughtered by the big man was just a very cool moment at the start of a more humble career.

As you have no doubt noticed I’m not starting from the beginning, this is simply because in the last couple of weeks I went on a Friday The 13th viewing marathon … It’s been a few years since I watched many of them and I wanted to start with some of the more questionable entries first, the films I remembered liking least to see if my opinion had altered over time.

So what did I learn from watching The New Blood again?

Mmmmm, I’m conflicted about this chapter. Apart from the brief moments where Tina displays her telekinetic abilities it’s quite ponderous and almost dull BUT it features by far my favourite Jason of the entire series. He looks incredible and the make up effects when the mask comes off are astonishing, even by todays standards. It isn’t a bad movie, just a little disappointing after the energy and improved production values of Part 6: Jason Lives.

Let’s get to it …

The New Blood Jane.

1. Jane (Staci Greason) Stabbed through the throat with a tent spike.

The New Blood Michael.

2. Michael (William Butler) Stabbed in the back with the same tent spike.

The New Blood Dan.

3. Dan (Michael Schroeder) Punched through his back and neck snapped at the same time.

The New Blood Judy.

4. Judy (Debora Kessler) Bludgeoned to death against a tree while trapped inside her sleeping bag.

The New Blood Russell.

5. Russell (Larry Cox) Face split open with an axe.

The New Blood Sandra.

6. Sandra (Heidi Kozak) Pulled underwater by Jason and drowns.

The New Blood Maddy.

7. Maddy (Diana Barrows) Throat sliced open with a scythe then nailed to a tree.

The New Blood Ben.

8. Ben (Craig Thomas) Skull crushed by Jason.

The New Blood Kate.

9. Kate (Diane Almeida) Party horn driven through eye socket and into her skull.

The New Blood David.

10. David (Jon Renfield) Stabbed in the stomach and decapitated shortly afterward.

The New Blood Eddie.

11. Eddie (Jeff Bennett) Throat slashed open with a machete.

The New Blood Robin.

12. Robin (Elizabeth Kaitan) Thrown through a second floor window and falls to her death.

The New Blood Amanda.

13. Amanda Shepard (Susan Blu) Stabbed to death with a gardening tool.

The New Blood Dr. Crews.

14. Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser) Stomach sliced open with a long hedge saw.

The New Blood Melissa.

15. Melissa (Susan Jennifer Sullivan) Axe embedded in the face.

Part 7 kept Jason quite busy with a starting count of 15 direct kills using multiple tools and methods … but if you think I missed any just drop me a message below!

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