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Halloween Costume Contest — 2023

One $250 winner!

Halloween Costume Contest 2023

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If you would like to be a sponsor, please email me.

The contest doesn’t open for costume submissions until October 1st, but we’re now taking sponsorships and donations.

See last year’s contest.

To sponsor or donate to this year’s contest, simply:

  1. Make a Donation (of $1 or more — other donation options)
  2. Email Me your info (unless you wish to remain anonymous)

Sponsorship Tiers:

  • $1+ (receive text credit)
  • $25+ (receive link credit)
  • $50+ (receive linked logo credit)
  • $100+ (receive linked banner credit)
  • $500+ (we stop taking further sponsorships and you become the primary sponsor of the contest)

Sponsorship and donation money goes toward helping us to pay for contest prizes.

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