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Fixating on the Pet Sematary Two Limited Edition Soundtrack

Pet Sematary Two Limited Edition Soundtrack

I’ve always loved Pet Sematary Two, which is probably one of the first movies that had me experiencing melancholy, an emotion I did not yet fully understand. It’s a special feeling, and I love it. And a lot of that melancholy was driven by the composer, Mark Governor.

There’s a limited release of the soundtrack by La-La Land Records with bonus tracks, and I had to have it. It was released in 2019, with only 1000 copies.

The good news is that it’s so obscure, it’ll probably be available for some time to come to just buy it direct at the $20 price tag rather than some hiked up price off eBay (which is already happening).

The bad news is that there’s no way to buy a digital version off Apple or Amazon. So, I had to buy the CD, wait for it to arrive, dig out an old disc drive, rip the songs to my hard drive, name the tracks, and finally transfer them over to my trusty classic iPod where they belong!

It was worth it. I tend to get fixated on certain things that elicit a feeling in me (usually sadness) and this soundtrack really does it for me. Especially “Funeral.” Have a listen:

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