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Awesome Image of the Day: Sinister Shadows!

John Morey Photography

Welcome back to your regular dose of awesome horror/monster toy photography, which recently has been featuring the work of seriously dedicated Flickr member John Morey aka ridureyu1, who has assembled a HUGE collection of incredible images featuring action figures, toys and just lots of really cool stuff!

Today we keep it simple but beautiful. I’ve often talked about how amazingly detailed modern action figures have become and the standard of sculpting for such small items never ceases to amaze me. Featured here are stunning silhouette images of a Mcfarlane Twisted Christmas ‘Frosty’ The Snowman, and of course the most famous shadow in horror movie history belonging to Nosferatu.

No photoshop, no camera tricks … just two awesome toys, a spotlight, and a wall. Brilliant!

John Morey Nosferatu

John Morey Snowman

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