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The HL Christmas Countdown: Flying the Friendly Skies with Manhunter

Halloween Love Xmas Countdown - December 2nd

December is once again upon us, and the Halloween season never feels further away than it does right now. But here at HL we like to think we can inject a little horror into EVERY month of the year, so welcome to the first entry in my Xmas countdown with a difference. Each day I’ll be gift wrapping a little horror movie fact or Hi-Res behind-the-scenes picture for you to enjoy – and hopefully some of them will contain new information that will put a sinister smile on your face!

Let’s make this a Merry AND Creepy Christmas!

December 2nd.

Did You Know?

The early scene in Manhunter that shows Will Graham sleeping on a plane after looking at some gruesome crime scene photographs was actually filmed on a real commercial flight! Michael Mann didn’t have the budget to construct a fake fuselage on a sound stage, and he couldn’t get prior permission to shoot on a plane in service – so the entire crew bought tickets for an evening flight from Chicago to Orlando with the camera equipment hidden in their carry-on baggage. Once they were in the air, they shocked regular passengers and the flight attendants by unpacking everything and swiftly filmed the scene just as the sun began to set on the horizon. It’s a Michael Mann movie! You gotta have a sunset outside the window!

I can only imagine the chaos a stunt like this would cause these days – but back then directors were brilliant at coming up with solutions to problems like this.

Manhunter Real Flight Scene - Pic 1

Manhunter Real Flight Scene - Pic 2

Manhunter Real Flight Scene - Pic 3

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