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The HL Christmas Countdown : Flying The Friendly Skies With Manhunter

December is once again upon us, and the Halloween season never feels further away than it does right now. But here at HL we like to think we can inject a little horror into EVERY month of the year, so welcome to the first entry in my Xmas countdown with a difference. Each day I’ll

Blood And Moonlight : Let Me Tell You Why I Love Manhunter So Much

Manhunter is one of my earliest memories of watching a film that was FAR too mature in content to be unfolding before my eyes (I think I was about 12-13 years old), but it’s also one of the most perfect examples of my young self being exposed to the sort of quality filmmaking that would

[Bite-sized Horror]

Hannibal: It’s Time to Meet Dolarhyde

Possible spoilers ahead… Hannibal, while striking its own levels of excellence based solely on its own merits, also has come closer than any of the other Hannibal Lecter films to capturing the truly brilliant atmosphere of the original film Manhunter, a film that I haven’t been shy about calling my most favorite film in all


Manhunter is far and above, my most favorite film of all time, favorite soundtrack, introduced me to my favorite band Shriekback, and one of my favorite directors Michael Mann. Clearly, I was heavily, heavily influenced and impacted by this film as much as one can be by any artistic medium. Most people don’t realize that