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The Haunted Mansion — Fan Film Trailer

Haunted Mansion Fan Film

Greetings friends, my name is N.R. Van Slambrouck and I, as much as anybody, want to see the long, oft-rumored Guillermo del Toro Haunted Mansion film. But I think there are several financial reasons why it may not ever happen. In my dismay at thinking the only Haunted Mansion-related film we would ever be privy to was the regrettable Eddie Murphy version, I went out and decided to make my own!

For myself, for the fans, for the 50th anniversary, for the fun of it. This is a fan film, so it is by no means official, just officially imbued with the spirit of the ride itself. I am making a full short film that I am hoping to release early next month and if people like that, I will likely produce more. In the meantime, here it is, the official trailer for my Haunted Mansion fan film! Happy haunting…

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