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Review: Silent Night, Deadly Night 30th Anniversary Blu-ray

I’m a total fiend for Silent Night, Deadly Night, which means that I’m compelled to buy every single home video release of the film that comes out. Yesterday, for the first time, the holiday horror classic hit Blu-ray. Of course, I bought it. Now I’ve already written a post here on HL about my love

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Five Things I Love About: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Over the weekend, news broke that the 1984 holiday horror flick Silent Night, Deadly Night is finally headed to Blu-ray, courtesy of a special 30th Anniversary release that’s set to hit retailers on September 16th of this year. Though no details about the release have yet been revealed, the mere fact that the film is


1984: One Hell of a Year for Horror

The year we currently find ourselves in is of course 2014, which means that 30 years have passed since the calendar read 1984. That is, if I’m doing the math correctly. I never was very good with numbers… 1984 was one of the greatest years in the history of the horror genre, giving birth to


Awesome Custom Toys That You’ll Wish Were Mass-Produced: Part 1!

As I mentioned in the recent past, one of my goals here on Halloween Love is to continue some of the more popular recurring features from my blog Freddy In Space, and one thing I absolutely loved to talk about on there was custom-made toys; the kinds of toys that companies like McFarlane, NECA and

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Christmas Horror: The 9 Most Awesome Foreign Home Video Cover Arts

Today, I invite you on a journey. Where are we going, you ask? Where aren’t we going, would be the more appropriate question. Because like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, we’re (virtually) traveling the globe this afternoon, on the hunt for the most totally awesome home video cover arts that Christmas horror movies have ever