Kevin Smith


Why the Horror Genre Needs More Filmmakers Like Kevin Smith

On the night of September 18th, 2014, I watched veteran actor Michael Parks (at his scenery-chewing best) turn Justin Long, quite literally, into a human walrus. As Long, housed inside of a rubbery creature suit that will forever be etched into my brain, waddled across the screen, I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. Going into


5 Upcoming Horror Anthologies to Keep an Eye On

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a good horror anthology, as the format allows for a handful of different movies to be rolled into one. Though you’re shit out of luck if you find yourself not enjoying a typical movie, the beauty of anthologies is that there’s always a brand new story right around the corner,


TUSK: The Weekend That Horror Fans Turned Their Backs on Original Horror

If you ask any given horror fan what they dislike most about the genre, the answer you’re likely going to hear back is in regards to the inherent lack of originality that has in many ways come to define the landscape of modern horror cinema. Remakes, sequels and rehashed ideas are pretty much the only


Movie Review: Kevin Smith’s Tusk

Whether you like Kevin Smith or you hate him, it’s simply impossible to not respect his unconventional career path – particularly in these last couple years. After bursting onto the scene and building up a massive fan-base with a series of cult classic comedies, the outspoken filmmaker somewhat lost his way in more recent years,


Is Kevin Smith the Future of Horror?!

After nearly two decades of making a name for himself with dick and fart jokes, Kevin Smith blazed a bold new path for his career in 2011 with Red State, a tale of religious beliefs taken to frightening extremes. The first horror film from the funny fat man, Red State proved that Smith has a