Kevin Smith

Why the Horror Genre Needs More Filmmakers Like Kevin Smith

On the night of September 18th, 2014, I watched veteran actor Michael Parks (at his scenery-chewing best) turn Justin Long, quite literally, into a human walrus. As Long, housed inside of a rubbery creature suit that will forever be etched into my brain, waddled across the screen, I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. Going into

5 Upcoming Horror Anthologies To Keep An Eye On

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a good horror anthology, as the format allows for a handful of different movies to be rolled into one. Though you’re shit out of luck if you find yourself not enjoying a typical movie, the beauty of anthologies is that there’s always a brand new story right around the corner,

Movie Review: Kevin Smith’s Tusk

Whether you like Kevin Smith or you hate him, it’s simply impossible to not respect his unconventional career path – particularly in these last couple years. After bursting onto the scene and building up a massive fan-base with a series of cult classic comedies, the outspoken filmmaker somewhat lost his way in more recent years,

Is Kevin Smith the Future of Horror?!

After nearly two decades of making a name for himself with dick and fart jokes, Kevin Smith blazed a bold new path for his career in 2011 with Red State, a tale of religious beliefs taken to frightening extremes. The first horror film from the funny fat man, Red State proved that Smith has a