Shadow Master: My Q&A with Kyle Hotz

I’m going to start this article by attempting to do something tricky … I want to TRY and explain in words what appeals to ME visually in comic book artwork, not just Horror comics but all comic art in general. I’ll be giving a few examples and some of you might think there is very


Jason, Maggots and Tony Stark: My Q&A with Friday the 13th Artist Mike Wolfer

If you’ve followed my articles in recent weeks you will know I have a soft spot for horror comic books, especially books that feature the iconic characters we all know and love. Sometimes years can go by without anything being produced but occasionally the stars align, deals are made and good things happen. In 2005


Get Ready to Rumble: My Q&A with Nancy A. Collins Writer of Jason vs Leatherface

Over the years several Comic book companies have cautiously entered the realm of the Horror Icons. Freddy, Jason, Ash, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Pinhead, all have seen print with varying degrees of success. Chaos comics released a handful of Halloween books that connected to the universe created in the movies and were actually pretty damn good.