Mail Day: Freddy Krueger 3-D Poster Magazine 1989 IT’S ALIVE!!

Freddy Krueger 3D Uk Poster Magazine - Halloween Love Review

“Opens into a giant interactive living poster!”

“The nightmare comes alive!”

“MULTI-VISION poster pack!”

You’ve got to love the hyperbole that surrounded classic 3-D images back in the day.

When I was a kid there was nothing more exciting than being presented with a product that featured this headache-inducing magic, and I still vividly remember the afternoon my dad returned home and gave me this EPIC poster magazine. It was Freddy Krueger … IN 3-D!! I was in horror heaven, and I cherished that magazine for a long time, until it vanished into the ether like so many items from my childhood collection.

Over the years that followed I spotted a few copies on ebay that were very tempting and pressed my nostalgia button in a big way, but they were nearly always in poor condition, and never seemed to include the 3-D glasses.

Freddy can’t come alive without the glasses!!

Then last week I finally tracked down a copy in pristine condition, with the ORIGINAL glasses still stapled to the cover. Unread and looking as good as the copy dear old dad had placed on the floor of my bedroom all those years before. I had to have it … and now I do.

(I wonder if it’s too late to enter the T-shirt competition on the back cover?)

Let’s take a closer look.

Freddy 3D Poster Magazine - Front Cover

Freddy 3D Poster Magazine - Interior Pages

Freddy 3D Poster Magazine - Smaller Poster

Freddy 3D Poster Magazine - Main Poster

If you own some vintage red/green 3-D glasses then take a look at the image above while wearing them. The effect kinda works!

Freddy 3D Poster Magazine - Back Cover

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