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Horror, But Not Horror: Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption II

Part I | Part II of spooky stuff found in Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption II is crammed so full of horror, I can’t imagine any horror site going by it without at least an honorable mention. From psychopaths, to serial killers, cults, mad scientists, man-eating beasts, plenty of blood and gore, and maybe even some monsters, this game might have more horror content than some actual horror games.

The first game in the trilogy, Red Dead Revolver, had straight up supernatural elements right in the story missions themselves. If I recall correctly, you even fight a witch at some point? Red Dead Redemption kept some of that stuff more in the backseat for the new realism style Rockstar Games began going for. But, after you beat the game, there were mythical creatures that you could hunt. Then, it saw a major horror expansion, with Undead Nightmare. Speculation continues as to whether we might get an Undead Nightmare II. Fingers crossed.

I for one, just really really really hope there will be at least one story DLC this time around, for Red Dead Redemption II. When Grand Theft Auto V was released, we saw 6 years and counting of major support for GTA: Online, but no story DLC ever came. If the same thing happens with Read Dead: Online, I, along with many other fans, will be pretty disappointed.

Although this was a day-one buy for me (when it was released back in October), I completed the main story some time ago, and took many screenshots in preparation for sharing a write-up, I wanted to wait until I finished 100% of the game and discovered all the mysteries and Easter eggs first. Haha, well, that could be awhile. I should have shared this sooner, and just broken it up into parts, so here we are.

Also, I know that I’m incredibly late to the party and just about every cool thing in the game has long-since been discovered and plastered to YouTube; I’m trying desperately to avoid all those spoilers until I’ve had a chance to stumble upon them myself. It’s just so much more delightful having a “What the fuck? Is that a severed head nailed to a tree?” moment organically in the world as you’re just riding around.

If like me, you found yourself too busy to fully explore the game on your own yet, I strongly suggest not looking at any of the screenshots below, as I’ve documented a lot of the horror-related goodies found throughout the game so far. I’ll have to post a part II once I’ve discovered the rest of them.

Snaps of My Journey Through the Game

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