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Horror, But Not Horror: More Red Dead Redemption II

Witch's Caldron

Part I | Part II of spooky stuff found in Red Dead Redemption II

Wow. I really had no idea. In part I of my exploration of all things creepy in the world of Red Dead Redemption II, I had already beaten the game and done a ton of exploring and mystery-solving, but I had only just barely scratched the surface come to find out.

As a completist, I thoroughly enjoy, especially in a Rockstar game, reaching the coveted 100% completion. However, this time I made it to 95% and I simply refuse to go any further down that path. Just like the game itself is the biggest and most ambitious game Rockstar has ever released, so too is the massive amount of things to be completed in order to reach 100%.

Don’t get me wrong, most of it is very fun and worth the time and effort, but some of it is mind-bogglingly tedious. I’m talking spending 4 hours on a gambling task which only gets you 0.001% closer to completion. It’s just too much for this old gamer, so I hung up my boots and turned all my focus to hunting down everything Easter egg in the game to be found.

For the first time, I recorded some video of me playing a video game for some of the especially interesting Easter eggs, which you can check out below. More comprehensively, you’ll find far more in the screenshots below including a vampire, a witch, a mutant, a serial killer, a giant human, a giant snake, a time traveler, a UFO, scarecrows, bats, cannibals, ghosts, satanic rituals, and many, many grave sites and corpses littered throughout the world, most of which with an actual story attached to their demise.

And I’m still failing to list everything, and I’m even aware of some additional UFO and ghost sightings that I missed! There’s also a disturbing amount of mass graves in this game. If they were going for a record, they’ll probably hold it indefinitely.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s still dozens of things to be uncovered, but I feel pretty satisfied that my personal journey with the game is now complete. Unfortunately, and especially with the fact that there’s no support for free aim players in multiplayer, I don’t think there will be much value in Red Dead Online for me. I might take a peek at it every now and then, but I’m desperately hopeful for some story DLC or even Undead Nightmare II.

Videos of My Journey Through the Game

Snaps of My Journey Through the Game

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