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Halloween is on the Way: The Glow Axe Review

Glow Axe Review

I’ve found over the years that there are two types of ‘glowing’ items in this world. Things that ACTUALLY glow brightly and look impressive, and things that ‘glow’ when you cup your hands over them while sitting in a pitch black room squinting at it …

Glow Axe Review

Glow Axe Review

I had high hopes for this Halloween Glow Axe which I purchased from Toys R Us for the modest price of £2.95 and it didn’t let me down. The axe head is removable so if you find a correctly sized glow stick in the future it can be used again and the glow stick itself was impressively bright. I cracked it, gave it a shake and BAM, I was clutching a pleasingly bright green axe and ready to do some damage!

It would actually be a fun accessory if you were planning to dress up one of your kids as a NES version of Jason … OR, if you are really short and in proportion with the axe …

Glow Axe Review

NES Jason Voorhees

The packaging was cool and in the dark it was impressive. Very nice, two thumbs up!

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