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Halloween is on the Way: The £1 Horror Glove Review

Horror Glove

So, today I purchased a Fright Nite ‘HORROR GLOVE’ from the mighty Poundland here in the UK … where (you will NOT be surprised to learn) everything costs just £1.

There are many things you will discover about me over time … one of which is that I simply cannot walk past a cheap, plastic Freddy glove and not buy it. EVER! I’ve had so many over the years, some good, some bad, some a horrific waste of valuable plastic reserves, but each one of them was trying to be a cool piece of horror movie history, and I respect that.

My latest discovery is actually not bad at all. Of course it suffers slightly from the curse of the bendy blades, but they were thick enough for that to not be a huge problem. The fit was OK but the size of the glove could be an issue for many. I have quite slender hands with long fingers and it only just fitted in a way that looked pleasing to the eye. It was too big for kids, but too small if you are an adult with normal chunky fingers.

Horror Glove

For the sum of £1 it was a great purchase, and I have been typing this while wearing it and making a pathetic attempt to laugh like Freddy …

Halloween is coming folks, and it feels good!

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