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Halloween 2015 Review: Ghostbusters Slimerz Bubblegum Will Haunt Your Mouth!

Ghostbusters Slimerz Bubblegum Pack Review

“Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!”

It’s official! I will forever remember the 2015 Halloween season as the Ghostbusters candy season! The number of new products that have appeared on shelfs to tempt those of us with a nostalgic sweet tooth is simply incredible, and just when I thought I couldn’t possibly get anymore excited the good people at World of Sweets decide to release Ghostbusters: SLIMERZ!!

These magnificent little bubblegum balls come in packs of five for just 30p. Three of them are green, two are white, and each has the Ghostbusters logo painted on the surface to a surprisingly high standard. The packaging promises that these are “slime filled” gumballs with a “liquid candy centre”, and as a dedicated reviewer who wants to make sure our loyal readers get the full facts, I have cut one in half with a very sharp knife to reveal the wet green core.

The alternative was throwing one in my mouth and then spitting the chewed remains onto a plate before photographing it … but nobody wants to see that!

Ghostbusters Slimerz Gumball Cut open

If these had come out during the 1980s we would probably still be reminiscing about them now, and even though the UK has been deluged with unique Ghostbusters products over the last few weeks it’s still seriously unusual to see such awesome items on the shelfs. The packaging is eye-catching and nicely designed with crisp graphics and bright colors, the gumballs are pleasant to chew, and the gooey centre gives them that all important link to Slimer and just makes them even more sexy than they already are.

Get out there and buy a pack, or buy a bunch of packs, HELL buy a whole case! You can then chew half of them until your jaw becomes dislocated and save the other half in an airtight box and sell them on ebay 20 years from now! You’ll thank me when you do.

Ghostbusters Slimerz Gumballs - 2015 Release

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