Five Kick Ass Horror Apps

A few years ago when I received my first smart phone I immediately searched for horror apps. Naturally. Who wouldn’t? I stumbled upon some apps that were fun, some that were silly and some that I will never delete from my phone. I present to you a list of the five horror apps that I enjoy most.


Horror Master Trivia

I like to use this app when friends and I are on long car rides to horror conventions. Categories range from Women in Horror to Cult Favorites and everything in between. The app boasts over 1,4000 questions for everyone from casual to dedicated horror fan. See how your knowledge stacks up and learn a thing or two about your favorite genre!


Vampire My Face

Sometimes you’re waiting in line at the post office, avoiding work in your cubicle or maybe you’re just bored. It happens to the best of us. Now you can became a member of the undead with a few swipes of the smart phone. Add glowing eyes, gnarly fangs and blood, save directly to your phone and share!

3. ZOMBIEBOOTH: 3D Zombifier

Zombie Booth

Of all the apps I’ve had I think this is my favorite. ZombieBooth takes a 2D photo and makes it 3D. How cool is it? Zombies blink, breathe and snarl and if you get your finger close enough? They’ll take a bite! Choose from several different zombie looks for you AND your friends.


Zombies Run

The only thing that could make me want to run is if a horde of the undead was following me. If you’re anything like that, then this is the app for you. In this game you are a runner forging for supplies for the rest of the living. The story unfolds through your very own playlist and you find yourself picking up life saving equipment and outrunning hordes of hungry flesh eaters. This app really gets the adrenalin going and may be the closest you ever get to a full on zombie attack.


Horror Cam

Horror cam has all the effects you need to turn your photos into horrific works of art. From frames to filters, this app really has it all. You can save your photos directly to your camera roll, share them on social media sites or within the Horror Cam group.

Just because you’re at your day job or waiting at the doctors office doesn’t mean the horror party has to stop. Check out some of the great apps and before you know it you’ll be have a bloody good time!

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