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Don Post Studios’ Unreleased 2012 Halloween Masks

Don PostIt was way back in 1938 that the legendary Don Post Sr. forever changed the holiday this here blog is named after, creating the very first overhead latex rubber Halloween mask.

With the formation of Don Post Studios, Halloween was truly never the same again, and to this very day all the rubber masks worn by kids and adults alike owe their very existence to the late pioneer.

Throughout the years, Don Post Studios released hundreds of masks depicting both original and licensed characters, ranging from Freddy Krueger to E.T., the titular Killer Klowns from Outer Space to the iconic Universal Monsters.

But it was the company’s Captain Kirk Star Trek mask that forever altered the course of both their history and horror history at large, which was of course repainted and used as the Michael Myers mask in John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Don Post Studios also created the three memorable masks seen in Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, with the jack o’lantern being designed specifically for the film – the skull and witch were existing Don Post masks, which were slightly modified.

Needless to say, Don Post Studios is not just one of the biggest names in Halloween but also in the world of horror cinema, forever cemented in history as one of the most influential and important companies of all time.

Unfortunately, Don Post Studios was shut down a couple years ago, marking the end of an era. The company, run for many years by Don Post Jr., had previously been sold to Paper Magic Group and the production of their masks was outsourced to China, with production completely ceasing prior to Halloween 2012 – leaving a full slate of annual mask offerings on the proverbial cutting room floor.

Today here on HL, we look back at that 2012 Don Post catalog, which was jam packed with masks that we’ll unfortunately never be able to display in our collections or pull down over our heads. A bummer, to say the very least.

Silver Shamrock

One of the saddest things about the timing of Don Post Studios’ closure was that the company was planning on re-releasing the three iconic Halloween 3 Silver Shamrock masks for the 2012 season, which was exciting given the fact that the original masks had become quite rare. From what I understand, very small quantities of the re-releases did actually see release before the company shuttered its doors, so be sure to poke around on eBay if you’re looking for them.

*UPDATE: Trick or Treat Studios picked up the license to the Silver Shamrock masks and will be releasing them this Halloween season. Hallelujah!*

Silver Shamrock

Also planned were two re-paints of the Halloween 3 skull mask, in both ‘Vermillion’ red and ‘Veridian’ green. Both were to be ‘Back from the Grave’ re-issues, with the red skull originally seeing release in 1968 and the green ten years later, in 1978.

Motel Hell

A partnership with Full Moon was to have resulted in the release of these four masks, based on Puppet Master, Killjoy, Castle Freak and The Gingerdead Man. As a huge fan of Castle Freak I was eagerly anticipating the release of the Giorgio mask, which I’d love to see Full Moon someday bring back from the dead.

Motel Hell

Two other exciting planned offerings in the 2012 catalog were these Pumpkinhead and Motel Hell masks, the former of which was going to feature a pair of rubber creature gloves. Though a licensed Pumpkinhead mask has still yet to hit the market, PMG Halloween did end up releasing a Motel Hell Farmer Vincent costume, including the pig mask, shirt and overalls, so there’s at least a silver lining to that cloud.

Check out some more unreleased masks from the pages of the 2012 Don Post Studios catalog below, and browse through the entire thing over on The Blood-Curdling Blog of Monster Masks!

Don Post

Don Post

Don Post

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  • Thomas Raven

    I don’t know about the witch and pumpkin, but I bought a DP 2012 skull and it was terrible. While it was actually made of vinyl, the material was so thin that you could easily see light through it. The surface texture was nice but the glow was practically nonexistent. The size of the mask was the biggest issue. I couldn’t even wear it. I had one of the originals (purchased before H3) and know very well how big they were. Better to let the DP name die than to continue with such shoddy product.

  • Luckily Trick or Treat Studios now owns the rights to H3 mask set. As well as all the other HALLOWEEN movies.

  • John Squires

    Yea that seems to be the general consensus on the Halloween 3 re-issues. Damn shame that they went out on such a low note.

  • John Squires

    Ah yes, that’s right. Thanks for the reminder!!

  • Karen Riedl

    Nice article – I will link it – karen, HalloweenEventsUSA.com

  • kevin

    I wonder how much a collector would pay for the pumpkinhead set. I have one. Don post only made like 15 sets ever.

  • Willie

    I have a Don Post mask I love it but the material is deteriorating. How do I save it? Now that I have just learned Don Post is no longer. And what’s the best way to preserve my other masks?

  • Chakor Channing

    It truly is a shame. The one year we were going to get a good Pumpkinhead mask, and possibly the best year they could have chosen, Gemmy had to come and screw it up by buying out Don Post. I’m not a Don Post collector, just a HUGE fan of the original Pumpkinhead movie. The Distortions, Morris Costumes, and Jon Fuller Pumpkinhead masks are all ugly as heck with horribly inaccurate paint jobs, and I’d never buy any of them. Don Post was the only company that got it right. BTW I’m never buying from Gemmy again.

  • Chakor Channing

    Halloween Asylum said in a Facebook post that there were 24 copies of the Pumpkinhead mask and hands, so there’s more than 15. I would recommend charging $300 at the max. IF I could spend my money that way, that’s what I’d pay. If Don Post had went into mass production on these, I would have still bought one because it’s Pumpkinhead, and I love Pumpkinhead. Here’s a link to the FB post: https://www.facebook.com/HalloweenAsylum/posts/441899692532031

  • Sarah Gile

    Hey John, just came across this thread. THANK YOU for sharing! I came across several of these masks when the factory closed and have had trouble identifying them until now. They are all primarily from the 2012 Unreleased Collection.