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Disney / Pixar Wants to Help You PURGE!

Toy Story UK Comic Magazine With Mask

I Had to share this picture I grabbed a couple of days ago during a supermarket visit with the kids.

A few minutes after we arrived my daughter ran over to me as I was wearily trying to decide which carrots to buy and started prodding my hand repeatedly and shouting “Can I have this PLEASE!” over and over … I look down and shout out loud – “THE PURGE!!!”

Buzz Lightyear? Or Purge Mask?

Needless to say, the little lady went home with a copy of My Little Pony weekly instead, while I purchased the Toy Story comic magazine and stored the mask in a safe place alongside my bolt cutters, hunting knifes, and that carefully constructed list of people I hate.

One day soon, I will be allowed to play …

Toy Story Comic With Purge Mask!

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