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CONTEST: Don’t Go To the Reunion DVD & Poster!


A few weeks ago, I reviewed Don’t Go To the Reunion, an indie horror film from Slasher Studios. Shortly after, I was contacted by the film’s writer, co-producer & Slasher Studios co-founder Kevin Sommerfield. He appreciated the review and wanted to pass something along exclusively to our readers. I am giving away one DVD copy of Don’t Go To the Reunion, autographed by Sommerfield & a mini poster featuring the image at the top of this article.

To enter, simply comment below with your own idea for a movie title featuring the word “Don’t“. The title I like the most will be announced Friday, April 25. All comments MUST be posted by midnight EST on Thrusday, April 24. Best of luck to all of you!

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I am in my 30s and married with two great kids. I currently live in Little River, SC. I love classic and unsung horror from the 80s & 90s. My passion for all things horror began in my early teens thanks to a taste for the weird and a membership to Blockbuster. I write fan fiction and original works, as well as volunteer as a state representative for Scares That Care. I collect VHS tapes and the souls of children.

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  • James Harris

    Don’t Go to the Movies! Would be a Student Bodies style slasher comedy. Not over the top like Scary Movie. Perhaps more in the style of Amazon Women on the Moon. Grindhousehorror@gmail.com

  • Alex DiVincenzo

    Imagine the possibilities of a film titled Don’t Go to the Bathroom.

  • JP Wendel

    Don’t Watch This Movie

  • Morgan Suszek

    They Don’t Come Around Here No More

  • Pat Nolan

    The perfect movie title “Just Dont”

  • Randy Meyer

    Simple titles are the best. “Don’t Forget” This way, whenever someone says that, in innocence, it’ll send chills up your spine.

  • EErica Gluba

    DON’T be that ‘nosey’ neighbor…you may find out more than you want to know!

  • leann lindeman

    Don’t open the door!!!!

  • Chris Many

    Don’t…Eat Meat on Friday. Mother ‘O Reilly is out for vengeance. Armed wkth a blade-sharp ruler and a sour attitude, you may think you’re allowed steak or burgers…but you can’t have “nun.”

  • “Don’t Take My Soul”. A young girl witnesses a murder in the girls bathroom at school. Threatened to stay quite about but she doesn’t and the other girl goes to prison. 20 years that girl escapes and seeks to get revenge on the girl that turned her in by using Voodoo to switch bodies with her so she can live free, while her victim goes back to prison. A lot of supernatural, voodoo evil stuff happens during the victims struggle to fight for her soul as the body count rises around her.

  • Kristian Masters

    Don’t Go Near the Woodpile, Margot Kidder goes crazy again and kills any and every frisky teen who comes near her woodpile of doom.

  • Thanks to each and every one of you for taking part in the contest! I loved all of the titles & wish I had more than one set of prizes! A winner has been selected and they will be contacted shortly. I may even use some of the titles for short stories posted on the site.

  • Ale Smith

    Don’t go to grandmas house alone…. henry and his sister ellen are informed they need to take care of.their.sick grandma, but when when they get there they soon realize its much more than a sickness.

  • mdawd123

    I consider, that you are mistaken. I can prove it. https://icore1316701650.zendesk.com/entries/106198886