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BoJo’s “Mix 9 from Outer Space” Spooky Mix Tape 2020

BoJo's Mix 9 from Outer Space

Happy Spooky Season to All!

As if 2020 wasn’t already strange enough, BoJo is back with an out-of-this-world mixtape to get us through the quarantine Halloween season!

BoJo’s “Mix 9 From Outer Space”!

If you’re new to BoJo’s mixes, then please prepare thyself to hear FRESH new spooky tracks that aren’t the usual worn out tracks on every other Halloween playlist. BoJo picks unique, unheard, or overlooked gems that guide you right into the Halloween spirit. The mix is a free download and offers a way to check out some lesser known bands!

Happy Haunting!

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PS: Which songs are your favorites?

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