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“Party Like It’s Halloween” by Clifford — Music Video and Single Release

Party Like It's Halloween

I grew up on a farm in rural Maryland where Halloween barn parties are an annual event. I have always loved Halloween because it is the one night of the year when fantasy and fear cross paths and you can face them in a safe environment. Add a vampire, vampire slayer, Jason Voorhees, and a camp counselor, and you have a very interesting evening.

I wrote “Party Like It’s Halloween” to be a simple song, with a cool bass line, haunting synths/piano, and as a twist, a Darbuka hand drum. The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek yet fear based with, like every scary teen movie, the main characters walking into dangerous situations. But by the end, a dance hall with a disco ball convinces the listener that “On Halloween, this is where you belong.”

“Party Like It’s Halloween” was filmed on an iPhone 8+ with a 3 person crew (including myself) and it was created/edited within one week. The “outside the box” concepts used to write the song are brought to life in this video. Using materials available on the farm, the scenery is as real as it gets, like in the opening scene I jump over a downed tree from a recent storm and we used car headlights to light up the camp counselor in the backyard. Final touches were added during editing to create the old TV styled effects by adding a little cheesy VFX. As a bonus, I’m pleased to say I’m now the proud owner of a disco ball.

I hope you enjoy “Party Like It’s Halloween” as much as we did making it. Cheers!

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Hello! My name is Clifford and I am a singer/songwriter, artist and music producer. I am a US/UK citizen and I grew up on a farm in rural Maryland. I speak English, French and Arabic and having lived/studied these cultures, my music often supports nuances of them. I write music incorporating my personal experiences and those I've experienced through others. Sometimes I add a little humor to my songs. I believe it's good for the soul to laugh! My musical study began with drumming at age 8, followed by the acoustic guitar. From there I began playing electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, and singing. I was performing in bands by age 12, but when I discovered my passion for languages I made that my focus in school. In college I learned Arabic hand drumming and as a language student, music became my chill time... I couldn't have gotten through school without it. After college I began a Twitch Channel where I played many of my favorite cover songs for fellow players. Eventually I became a Twitch Affiliate with nearly 2000 followers, most of whom followed me for my singing. One thing lead to another and here I am, loving what I'm doing and reaching out to people through music. I do not profess to know all the ins and outs of the music industry, but I am a person with the tenacity to find his way. I write, perform and produce all my music, but my goal is to work with other music professionals. Cheers!

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