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Bite-sized Birthday Love: Ted Levine

Ted Levine Birthday

Ted Levine has had a long, varied and distinguished acting career but I’m sorry … the guy will always be Buffalo Bill to me.

Horror is full of psychopaths, serial killers, murderers and individuals the movies want you to fear, but every now and then a performance just climbs above the rest and leaves an imprint on your mind that never really goes away. Everything he did in The Silence Of The Lambs was effortlessly creepy and fear inducing, he completely became a character that you believed was totally devoid of all normal human behaviour and empathy.

Levine along with Jonathan Demme and everyone involved with the writing and casting deserve huge credit for being able to create a killer that managed to still shine through when up against Anthony Hopkins giving the performance of his life. The character of Jame Gumb could have easily been a weak link in the story when compared to the caged Lecter, but he wasn’t … not for a second.

Happy Birthday Mr. Levine … The lotion is very much in the basket!

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