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Awesome Stuff My Parents Left for the Trash Collection: Jaws the Game

Jaws The Game

I love my parents, I really do … But you CANNOT trust them around collectibles and cool stuff! When I was in my early 20s I moved to the London area for about 18 months. It was a very spur of the moment thing, I decided to do it almost overnight … so my bedroom and all of its contents were left exactly as they had always been. I simply didn’t have time to pack.

I neatly stripped my bed, got everything clean and tidy and assumed they would preserve it as a little shrine, a place to visit and think of me on my grand adventure in the big city.


I was probably still on the train heading out of Devon when my dear old Mum decided it would be a perfect opportunity to ‘thin out’ my collection of childhood toys, games and awesome stuff … most of it linked to horror in some way.

In these short articles I’m going to pay tribute to the items I lost forever. Of course they could be replaced by spending a fortune on ebay but they would never be the same, ‘sniff’.

Up first is this simple but wonderfully entertaining game based on Jaws. Like ‘Buckaroo!’ it’s a game of skill and patience, you try to lift various items from the sharks mouth and hope it doesn’t snap shut. As a young lad this provided hours of tense and (to be honest) nerve-shredding fun. I must have had the original version AND the original box. Being a slightly weird kid I had kept everything in perfect condition, although if I remember correctly I had placed the eye stickers on the sharks nostrils by mistake.

Nothing missing, nothing broken, flawless box … DUMPED!

I miss you Jaws.

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