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Alien on ABC: Ripley Found a Ray Gun!

Alien ABC Advert

If you were to stand close to my computer and listen for a moment or two you MIGHT just hear the sound of my hard drive gently groaning.

It contains about 3 years worth of cool, crazy, strange and totally random shit that I have found online … If I see something unusual that’s linked to horror I right click and save … every time.

Alien ABC Advert

Here we have what I assume is a newspaper/magazine advert for the US network TV premiere of Alien on ABC, and to get viewers REALLY fired up for this awesome event they decided the crew of the Nostromo needed to be sexed up a little bit.

Dallas and Ripley seem to be dressed in chest exposing matching outfits, Kane is busy doing some important computer stuff, and Parker … well, Parker looks like he means business. Can’t be him!

Best of all, it appears that Ripley found herself a cool space gun, kids LOVE space guns! Good work ABC!

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