All Hail the Queen: A Look at Some Incredible ALIENS Alternative Poster Art!

It’s time for another batch of incredible images from the thriving alternative art community! So far I’ve revealed my personal favorite posters that pay tribute to: Jaws – Stephen King’s IT – Alien – The Shining – The Thing – Ghostbusters – Jurassic Park – Scream – A Nightmare on Elm Street – Halloween 3:


Acid Burn: Painfully Revisiting Alien Resurrection

Last year I gave my opinion on Alien 3, and when I finished writing that piece I decided I wanted to follow it up with a look at Alien Resurrection when I had the motivation to do so. This week I felt the time was right, so with a heavy heart I sat down to


Reinterpreting Ripley: Halloween Love Talks Art and Aliens with Vlad Rodriguez

This week my quick-fire artistic interview features a chat with an insanely talented gentleman called Vlad Rodriguez. I’ve been keeping an eye on Vlad’s work for quite some time, but it was the arrival of a wonderfully unique piece of art linked to the Alien franchise that really attracted my attention toward the end of

[Bite-sized Horror]

Alien on ABC: Ripley Found a Ray Gun!

If you were to stand close to my computer and listen for a moment or two you MIGHT just hear the sound of my hard drive gently groaning. It contains about 3 years worth of cool, crazy, strange and totally random shit that I have found online … If I see something unusual that’s linked


Bringing the Horror Back: Does Alien 3 Deserve More Love Than it Gets?

Alien 3 is a divisive movie, I’ve witnessed some seriously heated online debates over the years about certain Horror and Sci-Fi films but nothing comes close to the perfect storm of emotions that Alien 3 discussions tend to unleash. The first time I watched it was mid 1993 on a fuzzy, low quality VHS tape