Halloween Love


[Bite-sized Horror]

From The Archives : Jurassic Park Dinosaur Toys And Action Figures Advert 1993.

Toy adverts, movie promos, magazine articles, random clippings – I’ve collected them all over the last 35+ years and now it’s time to pull them out of the darkness and get them digitally immortalized online, so future generations can study them, ponder them and hopefully shout “COOL” every now and then. Jurassic World is almost

[Bite-sized Horror]

Alien On ABC : Ripley Found A Ray Gun!

If you were to stand close to my computer and listen for a moment or two you MIGHT just hear the sound of my hard drive gently groaning. It contains about 3 years worth of cool, crazy, strange and totally random shit that I have found online … If I see something unusual that’s linked